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By: Thevideoanalyst  05/12/2011
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Endzone v’s Hi-Pod Guest Article written by Dan White, Bristol I have been fortunate to have access to both the Hi-Pod and Endzone video systems during my time as a video analyst. The purpose of this article is to compare the two systems in all areas of use from my personal opinion and to help [..]

The Video Analyst Christmas List It’s getting very close to that time of year. I’m always afraid to say I like anything around this time of year because it is liable to end up wrapped and under the tree before you know it. To try and stop you getting that Woolly  jumper you never wanted or another [..]

Video Analysis Camera Specs Choosing the right camera can be hard work. Just looking at the detailed specs of some camera’s can turn you off. Hopefully this post will offer some insights into what to look for when buying your next camera. Types of Cameras High definition, standard definition, optical zoom, aspect ratio, shutter speed [..]

High Speed Video Analysis Camera Obviously to conduct good video analysis you need good footage. While videoing team sport events is a fairly straight forward affair; Get plenty of height to video from, a standard video camera and maybe a wide angle lens are all you really need, videoing technique can be very different. Once you go [..]

Sharing Video Analysis Files on Dropbox Getting your analysis done can often be the easy part. Balancing the amount of time you would like to spend looking at last weeks performance or next weeks opposition, with the amount of time you need on the training pitch can be difficult. One of the problems teams run [..]

iPhone Sports Analysis Apps There’s an App for that!! – Below are 5 apps I have found for the iPhone & iPad that could help you with your on field analysis. I have tested them all out, and while none of them are perfect, they all have their merits. Touch Stat Lite – Free Quite [..]

Twin Head Tripod A few years back I was at a Performance Analysis conference  and I came across a team using a dual head tripod. Basically a dual head tripod allows you mount two camera’s on the one tripod and have only one camera operator. What this football club were doing was using one camera [..]

Any analysis you do on a game depends a lot on the quality of the video. I often think it’s not really the camera’s that let people down but more so the angle people video at. Most amateur clubs don’t have natural height so they rely on climbing on top of a clubhouse or a ladder [..]

Notational Analysis still plays a big part in sport, especially in amateur sport. The weather can play a big part in your note taking, for those based in Ireland and the UK at the moment will understand how bad the weather can get. So recently I went looking for a solution.  I found waterproof paper [..]

1. Support. I know most people would probably put price at number one but it really isn’t the most important thing. I don’t know how many times I have come across situations where people bought software cause it was the cheapest only to realise it’s hard to use or there is no support etc… It [..]

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I am delighted to announce that and Out of Play are joining forces to run a Performance Analysis conference specifically aimed at those wanting to know more about, or trying to break into professional performance analysis. World Congress on Science and Football 2011 You may or may not know that the World Congress on Science and Football was held in Japan in late May.


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Pay as You Play, Book Review As billionaire ‘super-benefactors’ fight for the right to own English Football clubs, Pay As You Play takes a detailed look at the correlation between success and transfer spending. Performance Analysis Books Although there are not a huge selection of books on the market to deal with Performance Analysis in Sports I wanted to give a brief outline of some of them here.


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Bilateral clearance punt kicking in rugby union: effects of hand used for ball delivery Clearance kicking for distance is a pre-requisite skill in first-grade Rugby Union, but is seldom performed equally well on both sides. As all you rugby followers will know there has been a lot of controversy about the interpretation of the laws recently but one aspect of play that really intrigues me is the Scrum.


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Video Analysis on a Budget Performance Analysis often conjures up images of specialist coaches working on laptop computers and, where the budget allows this will usually be the case. There is however everyday equipment available, that won’t break the bank, that can be used to provide useful information to help players and teams identify areas.


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Endzone v’s Hi-Pod Guest Article written by Dan White, Bristol I have been fortunate to have access to both the Hi-Pod and Endzone video systems during my time as a video analyst. How Long Should a Presentation Last In most of my analysis work I have tended to work with different teams and different sports at the same time.


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Video Analysis Homework I’m sure in most organisations video analysis takes the form of player/manager meetings held to debrief from last weeks game and probably another session looking at next week’s opposition. Telling business managers how to create that winning team, be a good motivator and generally how to apply the lessons of high-performance sport in the boardroom.