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How Long Should a Presentation Last In most of my analysis work I have tended to work with different teams and different sports at the same time. While this can have it’s disadvantages it has given me a great opportunity to work with many different styles of teams and managers. This weekend I got the [..]

10 Commandments of Performance Analysis Performance Analysis is still a new discipline and we are all learning the rights and wrongs of the job. With that said however, there are a number of similarities across sports and the job demands are similar at all levels of sports. Regardless of the sport you work in there [..]

Specialist within a Specialism: The Goalkeeping Analyst Guest post, kindly written by Andy Elleray, Performance Analyst Cheltenham Town FC & Msc Sports Coaching Student. When looking to embark on a work placement as part of my studies for my Master’s Degree in Sports Coaching, I sat down and thought to myself, ‘how could I perform both my [..]

3 Tips To Make You Stand Out As An Analysts I have written before about becoming a freelance performance analyst and setting your prices, but I wanted to expand on that here and give some more tips that will help if you are a freelance analyst or even applying for a job, to stand out [..]

Performance Analysis Conferences I tend find conferences can be really hit or miss. Often they try and cater for everybody and in the end cater for nobody. However there are two interesting conferences coming up this month that specialize or heavily feature Performance Analysis. The Science of Professional Football This year’s Science and Football Conference promises to [..]

Why Cricket Needs it’s Moneyball Moment I have played a bit of cricket in my time (rare enough for an Irishman I can assure you). I was always intrigued by the stats surrounding the game; averages, strike rates, 50′s, 100′s and 5 for’s. But I always considered them a rather crude instrument to measure performance on [..]

Endzone v’s Hi-Pod Guest Article written by Dan White, Bristol I have been fortunate to have access to both the Hi-Pod and Endzone video systems during my time as a video analyst. The purpose of this article is to compare the two systems in all areas of use from my personal opinion and to help [..]

Does Sacking the Manager Improve Results? It is a long held belief, among owners and fans, that sacking the manager will have an impact on playing performance. It seems in no other walk of life is the manager held so responsible for the results of his underlings. There are a couple of factors that make [..]

Happy Christmas I just wanted to say a Happy Christmas to all the readers of the site and Facebook page. I started the site 2 years ago this month and although I got off to a slow start with the writing, this year I have written nearly 50 blog posts and articles. I really enjoy [..]

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While videoing team sport events is a fairly straight forward affair; Get plenty of height to video from, a standard video camera and maybe a wide angle lens are all you really need, videoing technique can be very different. Endzone v’s Hi-Pod Guest Article written by Dan White, Bristol I have been fortunate to have access to both the Hi-Pod and Endzone video systems during my time as a video analyst.


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I am delighted to announce that and Out of Play are joining forces to run a Performance Analysis conference specifically aimed at those wanting to know more about, or trying to break into professional performance analysis. World Congress on Science and Football 2011 You may or may not know that the World Congress on Science and Football was held in Japan in late May.


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Pay as You Play, Book Review As billionaire ‘super-benefactors’ fight for the right to own English Football clubs, Pay As You Play takes a detailed look at the correlation between success and transfer spending. Performance Analysis Books Although there are not a huge selection of books on the market to deal with Performance Analysis in Sports I wanted to give a brief outline of some of them here.


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Bilateral clearance punt kicking in rugby union: effects of hand used for ball delivery Clearance kicking for distance is a pre-requisite skill in first-grade Rugby Union, but is seldom performed equally well on both sides. As all you rugby followers will know there has been a lot of controversy about the interpretation of the laws recently but one aspect of play that really intrigues me is the Scrum.


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Video Analysis on a Budget Performance Analysis often conjures up images of specialist coaches working on laptop computers and, where the budget allows this will usually be the case. There is however everyday equipment available, that won’t break the bank, that can be used to provide useful information to help players and teams identify areas.


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Video Analysis Homework I’m sure in most organisations video analysis takes the form of player/manager meetings held to debrief from last weeks game and probably another session looking at next week’s opposition. Telling business managers how to create that winning team, be a good motivator and generally how to apply the lessons of high-performance sport in the boardroom.