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By: Thermo Catalytic Systems  05/12/2011
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Bruest ATEX Certified Flameless Gas Catalytic Heaters -Gas Saving Industrial Oven Systems


Thermo Catalytic Systems Ltd. are the industry experts in industrial catalytic heaters. We have decades of experience in fault-finding and servicing of catalytic ovens.

We are also experts in the the repair, refurbishment and modification of catalytic heaters.

We can convert heaters from manual-start to automatic-start ( for use with a control panel) and vice versa. We can also convert Bruest heaters to run on natural (mains) gas instead of  propane ( bottled/tank gas), and vice-versa.

T.C.S can replace

damaged electrical pre-heat elements

in Bruest heaters and refurbish punctured or contaminated heaters (see bottom of page).


T.C.S. supply a range of spares such a thermocouples, manual safety shut off valves, thermoswitches and snapswitches for Bruest and many other brands of heaters.

Thermocouple for use in  manual-start heaters
Manual Safety Shut-off valve for use on  manual-start heaters  
Snapswitch for use in automatic-start heaters 
Thermoswitch for use in older (pre-1997) automatic-start heatersRepair

Over time, catalytic heaters(particularly those near the bottom of an oven) can become contaminated with dust, powder or over-spray, especially if a the house-keeping in the paint shop is not what it should be. This can result in poor heat output, wasted fuel and lost production.

Thermo Catalytic Systems Ltd.' personnel are trained and certified to open up contaminated or punctured catalytic heaters and patch or fully replace the catalyst pad, restoring the heater to 


performance. This can be done in our facility in Stoke-on-Trent, or

, to minimize down-time, in the customer's premises.

In the example below, a 12" x 60" heater has been badly contaminated with white paint from a curtain coating machine on a skirting board production line.

1. Before: the heater is so badly 
contaminated as to be useless.

2. During : The heater is drilled open, the
contaminated catalyst pad is replaced with
a new pad.

3. Completion : The heater is fitted with a
new wire mesh and re-riveted together.



: All heaters are bench- tested for gas

 tightness, temperature and combustion efficiency

before being returned to the customer.

Keywords: gas, heaters

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