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By: The Property Shop  05/12/2011
Keywords: property management, estate agents, probate

Our renowned service is not limited to sales but extends to property management and rental and in more recent times we have extended our interests by becoming affiliated to the Confederation of European Estate Agents (CEI) and extending our services to overseas property, most notably in Spain. Valuations. Apart from valuing a property which is going For Sale, there are a lot of different reasons why properties are valued. The Property Shop are on the valuation panel of most leading, lending institutions and offer a fast efficient service in valuations for Mortgage purposes. Probate valuations are a feature of the services we offer.
If you are the executor or have been appointed an administrator of an estate and the estate is not complicated, you can make a personal application.

Probate Personal Applications account for approximately 90% of applicants for Grants of Probate or Administration are represented by a solicitor, the remaining 10% apply through the Personal Applicants section of the office. "Proving" the will is the process by which the Probate Office accepts that the will is valid and may be put into effect. The Office may carry out some enquiries, e.g., it may ask to see the witnesses to the will but this does not always happen.Part of this process is to have property valued.Other reasons for valuation, may be that the Revenue Commissioners have requested one in order to establish amounts of Stamp Duty, Capitol Gains etc.Marketing. Finally we offer you a comprehensive marketing package that includes the use of the company's increasingly popular website and access by thousands of prospective clients through the and websites.This website has been designed with you in mind. The Property Shop's vast experience and our ability to provide practical advice and assistance will prove an invaluable asset as you enter the property market.

Keywords: estate agents, probate, property management, valuations