Strategy for SMEs

By: the People Development  05/12/2011
Keywords: Leadership, performance management

Strategy for SMEs is different. As a leader you need a practical roadmap that will:

Engage and inspire your team and staff.
Not cost you a fortune. (I can spread my costs over 12 months to help cash flow) I have helped many of my clients to get grant aid resulting in no net cost to them for my services.
> Be developed quickly – most strategic plans take 6 half day sessions with your team and can be completed over 10 weeks.
> Have a performance management mechanism to ensure you are on target
> Have a process to continually modify and improve the strategy to changing circumstances, e.g. competitor, market or economic conditions. This means your strategy doesn’t become dated like many others do.

Pick a Strategy Package That Suits Your Needs and Budget:

Output of Strategy Process – A Strategic Roadmap

Benefits of My Approach

> Improves your leadership: My strategy approach will provide you and your team with a context to develop and grow your business. Leadership and management skills can be developed to execute the strategy and therefore become relevant based on the needs of the business.
> Focuses the team: My approach pulls the team together. It is a useful exercise to assess strategic thinking skills (and management capability) amongst team members. It puts you and your team on the same page!
> Delivers results quickly: I don’t spend months developing a strategy that by the time we are finished it is no longer relevant. My approach delivers a first draft that can be implemented immediately. It can be further refined and improved as the implementation is being done and reviewed.
> Teaches you how to fish: From the outset, my goal is to enable you to think, plan and act strategically without me. I aim to make myself redundant as soon as possible. This differs to other providers who do the opposite and build in a dependency on themselves to keep the initiative going – not my style!

Keywords: Leadership, performance management

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