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By: The Ogham Apothecary  05/12/2011
Keywords: Oils And Essences

Author Róisín Carroll offers her insights into the link between the sacred Ogham and the medicine of the trees, relating her perceptions of these interactions with our subtle and physical bodies. In this book, meaningful information is provided to bring awareness of how the trees can help people to heal themselves as they move along the Path of Life.

The following sections are highlighted:

  • 40 individual Irish trees with, uses in healing descriptions and lore, affirmations, correspondences
  • The systems of the body
  • The Ogham oils and essences
  • Hand Ogham and Reflexology
  • Triple Spiral Consultation

Irish legends and myths permeate the very soil of Ireland and the soul of its people. Throughout these tales, there are many references to trees and their healing powers. Trees have a reputation for growing "differently" in Ireland because of the types of energy fields found there. In ancient times, these traditions found their expression in the Celtic Ogham alphabet (symbols which were carved on stone).

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Keywords: Oils And Essences

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Since sickness comes form being out of tune with ourselves, the re-balancing of the body's energies through the various systems of the body helps restore a feeling of well-being and equilibrium.The healing properties of oils and essences are well known throughout the world. Ogham Oils and Essences from the basis of Ogham and Roisin's Aromatherapy oils which treats the whole person.


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The oils and essences are listed alphabetically along with their relative system, keyword, colour, gemstone and bird .Generally speaking you will find that three oils will manifest to be used together for each client, at any given time. By using the appropriate oils the healing process is accelerated with clients and there is greater clarity and harmony.


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Ogham Pure Essential Oils are unadulterated and undiluted so they may be used in aromatherapy to assist in healing the body and to bring about harmony in your life. Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic plant extracts known as Essential Oils, to bring about both physical and mental well being. Each oil has its own characteristic odour which is released into the atmosphere when we use the Oils.