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By: The Golf Instructor  05/12/2011
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There are 34 basic internationally recognised Rules of Golf as approved and established by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews and The United States Golf Association. Each rule has its attendant clauses, sub clauses, definitions and qualifications, together with the consequent penalties incurred if part or all of the Rule is infringed.

Golfers Pocket Referee is a unique guide which summarises all the infringements in the international rules of golf, from tee to green and matches them at a glance with the penalties they incur.

Quick-check flip charts feature “On the Tee”, “Through the Green”, “In the Hazards”, “On the Green” and “General Play”. There are diagrams of the options you have in classic trouble situations as well as information on “Player’s Privileges” and “Stroke-saving Reminders”

Keywords: golf, Golf Instructor

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The Golf Instructor - pocket guide

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