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By: The Futures Academy  05/12/2011
Keywords: real estate, Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is one of the most recognised and most often applied futures methods. Scenarios are stories or images portraying plausible alternative future worlds. They are used to help people to understand what different future states could be like and identify steps that could lead to their emergence. Scenarios are very helpful in identifying and communicating potential future opportunities and threats. Decisions and policies can be evaluated against them to see what impact and effectiveness they would have if a given future state emerged.

Scenarios are The Futures Academy’s key strength. We engage with clients in the scenario building process using the Prospective Through Scenarios methodology. Our aim is not only to provide an organisation with a set of alternative scenarios and other tangible research outcomes, but also to embed an innovative way of thinking about the future and develop a new capacity to deal with change within the client organisation. Learning outcomes are considered to be as important as the tangible research results.

In recent years, we have developed scenarios for cities (ex. Cork, Galway, Dublin and others) and countries (Ireland), as well as for specific sectors or issues, such as real estate and property sector and workplace futures.

Keywords: real estate, Scenario Planning

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At The Futures Academy, we believe that time and effort spent on strategic thinking prior to strategic planning ultimately pays enormous dividends in terms of discovering, exploring and evaluating possible, probable and preferable futures.


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Participants are carefully guided through a rigorous process that opens up, directs and structures their thinking about the future of the issue in question. Futures Workshops are one of the most effective and powerful methods for the exploration of the future in a short intense time-frame. The generic framework of workshops is adapted to suit the purpose of an exercise and to fulfil clients’ specific needs.


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The future of Ireland, urban and spatial development, sustainability, future of property and real estate and futures concepts and methodologies. A number of members of The Futures Academy do talks and presentations based on the work carried out by the Academy and their own research. Engaging and challenging speakers are a great way to inspire and influence people’s thinking and perceptions about the future.