French property sellers | Are you selling your property in France

By: The French Property Experts  05/12/2011
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French property sellers | Are you selling your property in France

French Property Sellers

Selling a property in France for someone living abroad - and possibly with limited command of the French language - can be extremely difficult. Flo French Property will assist you slong every step of the way with a number of services.

Feasibility Study & Property Valuation

In order to sell a property, it is essential for you, the owner, to be informed of the potential value of the property and the state of the local market, alongside a number of important facts that will allow you to make a decision on whether or not it is the right time to sell - and even if it is possible to sell.

Everything you need to be able to make an informed decision will be included in our services to you.

One of our experienced professionals will carry out extensive research on the area your property is located in, with the aim of providing you with a personalised and tailored study that includes the following:

  • Lowest and highest prices on recently sold similar properties in the area.
  • Estimated price range based on discussions with local estate agents and ideal price in order to achieve a sale.
  • Trends in the current local market.
  • The name and contact detail for a local estate agent (we generally contact up to four or more agencies in order to select the most appropriate).
  • Information on how and when to sell your property in the event where you have a tenant.
  • Potential problems/pitfalls we may have come across during our study.
  • General information on every step of a sale.
  • The various options open to you in order to sell efficiently, at the right price and in good time.
  • Information on each step of a property sale in France.
  • Advice on how to achieve a hassle-free sale.

The feasibility study is the only charge that we have up front and it is priced at a very reasonable €149 (all inclusive).

This study is an essential service in order to put a property on the market in the best conditions and achieve the maximum return.

Property Selling Services

Following the result of the feasibility study and if you decide to sell, we will then offer you the following services:

Selecting & Contracting An Estate Agent

Selling a French property can be done in several ways. However, some of these methods can prove to be very difficult when you are living in another country.

One such possibility is to post your own advertisements on websites and newspapers. If you choose to use this method, then you will have to answer every enquiry yourself and, most importantly, you will have to organise viewings, assessments and other requirements on the property by yourself. In our opinion, this is by far the most difficult way to sell, not to mention that you will have to pay for all advertisements posted - regardless of results.

The most common way to sell a property in France is to call upon the services of an estate agent. It will then be up to the agent to promote the property at their own cost. If you select the right agent, then they should have a database of potential clients in mind for your property.

Unlike in other countries such as Ireland or the UK, the estate agents’ fees in France are paid by the buyer.

By law, a seller can also choose to use several estate agents at once. We do not recommend this method as it tends to result in agents not investing time and effort in the promotion of the property as they have no guarantee that it will still be available once they have a buyer. The result is that your property may end up sitting on the back of a shelf for a long time.

In our expert opinion, the best way to sell a property in France is to work with an exclusive estate agent, generally on short term three-month renewable contracts.

If you do decide that you would like us to assist you in selling your property, then the above option will be our chosen method.

Following our feasibility study, we will then select an estate agent on your behalf and, with your approval, we will then arrange and negotiate all details and contracts with them.

Legal Advice & Representation

One of the most important aspects - and a major advantage of - using our services is that we work with a French lawyer who specialises in property law and is fully fluent in English.

Our independent French lawyer will offer you legal information on the selling process, will fully advise you and represent you throughout the sale.

This includes all dealings with estate agent(s), notaire (solicitor appointed for the sale) and other parties that may be involved throughout the selling process. He will also advise you on taxation issues, if necessary (for example: capital gains tax).

This lawyer will become your one and only point of contact as he will be dealing with all other parties involved.

How Much Does It Cost?

The only cost to us is €149 for the feasibility study.

All of the other services that we offer will not be charged to you. As stated above: in France, the estate agents’ fees are paid by the buyer. It is also common practice that estate agents will share the commission with businesses providing them with either clients or properties for sale. This is how we get paid for our services.

Please note that there may be other costs to you such as a BER (energy rating) assessment and other assessments on the building, depending on the age of the property. However, those costs are generally minor.

You may also choose to seek further explanations from the French lawyer of some aspects of the legalities and details of the selling process - and these extra services may incur a small supplement.

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Keywords: estate agent

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