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By: The Bullion Room  05/12/2011
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Our Services

The Bullion Room strive to offer the best in services in the trade, these include:

Speed - Speed of settlement by cash, cheque or Bank transfer. Metals can also be held on metal account.

Security - The only bullion dealer to offer secure, insured collection of all parcels over 20k from Birmingham, Manchester and London, Other cities available subject to minimum volumes.

Accuracy - Independent assays returned within 24 hours

Melting Facilities - we can offer single melts up to 2 tonne in weight, the largest single pour precious metal melting capacity in the UK.

Cash Counter Facility - sell your metal without melting it, we use state of the art equipment to analyse your metal and pay in full immediately.

Forward Fix Prices - Ability to forward fix prices for metal delivered at a future time this allows customers to hedge against volatile metal prices.

Account Management - Online, real time account management from ordering shipping supplies to obtaining the latest industry supplies.

Process All Precious Metal Bearing Materials - Ability to process all precious metal bearing materials including live jewellery scrap in gold, silver, platinum, rhodium to precious metal bearing dusts and products containing cadmium.

Please see below for more indepth information on the excellent services we offer.

Trade Cash Counter

Open 5 days a week and servicing exclusively trade customers. Our counter is open from 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday where our highly trained staff will purchase your metal. Using the latest XRF Instruments our staff can quickly and accurately help you sort your precious metal material. We offer immediate payment by cash/cheque or bank transfer. Our cash counter is also able to receive goods from customers wishing to take advantage of the higher percentage rates available should they wish to use our melt and assay service. Our cash counter will payout immediately for the following metal types: Jewellery Scrap Gold, Silver or Platinum Jewellery Scrap Hallmarked or not. Coins & Bars Gold, Silver or Platinum coins or bars. Wire, Sheet or Strip Gold, Silver or Platinum. We would recommend a full melt and assay service on dental scrap to ensure the highest possible settlement for our customers.

Melt & Analytics

Using up to the minute technology we can melt and sample your precious metal material, The Bullion Room has a single melt capacity of up to 1000kg of gold allowing for large consignments to be handled cost efficiently ensuring maximum return to our customers. The analysed materials can then be either sold to us or returned to you. We use only the cleanest and fastest melting equipment and unlike most other bullion dealers, we actually take the sample for analysis directly from the molten material to avoid anomalies associated with precious metal segregation on pouring. This results in timely, accurate and efficient analysis of your material. We analyse and report the full spectrum of metals including gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and palladium. Subject to specific customer needs we are also able to report the base metal content of materials such as copper and nickel.

Secure Collections Services

The Bullion Room have removed the risk of precious metal transportation. In partnership with Loomis UK, The Bullion Room have our own dedicated armoured vehicle available to collect precious metal directly from our customers premises. This modified vehicle is able to accept consignments up to 2 million in value, is fully insured and has been specifically adapted to accept our shipping containers. We offer this service free of charge to customers in the Birmingham and Manchester areas and we will shortly be extending this into twice weekly collections from the Hatton Garden area of London. For high volume customers we are able to collect directly from your premises anywhere in the UK.

Metal Trading Division

The Bullion Room understand the volatility of the precious metal markets and the tight trade margins that many of our customers operate on. We pride ourselves on meeting individual customer needs and as standard we can arrange financial settlements for precious metals on fix, spot or forward prices. The proceeds of refining can also be placed in a customer metal account for commercial reasons, to provide a source of precious metal for manufacturing or to be contrad against refinished jewellery. If you are a high volume metal trader and wish to take advantage of a bespoke financial settlement package to mitigate exposure to market risk this is something that The Bullion Room can tailor to individual customer needs.

Industrial Precious Metal Waste Processing

Through the use of specialised handling and processing equipment The Bullion Room is able to process a wide range of Industrial precious metal bearing materials, including but not limited to: Printed Circuit Boards, Jewellers Sweeps, Catalytic Converters, Photographic Residues, Chemical Catalysts, Electroplating Scrap and Solutions, Silver Micro Batteries, Cadmium Bearing Metals. Recommendations and assistance in the handling and sorting of materials can be offered to industrial precious metal clients prior to refining as part of our scrap management service. Thanks to the efficiency of our recovery processes we are able to offer short lead times for settlement on industrial precious metal materials. Additionally specialised sampling and analysis promotes high levels of accuracy of results. Every consignment is processed and analysed separately to produce the highest return possible for the customer.

Alpha Black Card

This is an exclusive invitation only service available to high volume dealers. Offering total security, privacy and piece of mind. Please note this service is not available to new customers without invitation. Should you wish to discuss this please contact us. Minimum volumes apply.

Postal Parcels

At The Bullion Room we understand that it is not always possible for our customers to attend our premises and that not everyone has the volumes to justify secure collection. Thats why we offer a fully insured postal service. Postal parcels received by The Bullion Room are handled and paid the same day. Just as at our cash counter we offer settlement by Cash, Cheque or same day bank transfer.

Goods Refinishing Service

The Bullion Room have identified the need for saleable jewellery stock as many of our clients have retail outlets. We have removed the need to buy new stock and developed an in house refinishing service. This is not simply a polish and return service. We offer selection, checking, stripping, plating and cleaning before the final item is packed and returned to you, as new, ready for retail. Subject to customer needs we can also barcode the item and price it for you. We have a sliding charges scale for this service and can tailor it for both small individual retail outlets to multinational institutions. Retailing refinished goods also has several VAT benefits allowing customers using this service to gain a competitive pricing advantage over their competitors.

Keywords: Metals, precious metal