Smoothie Maker - Thane Direct Ireland

By: Thane Direct  05/12/2011

Special Offer

Purchase the extra cup and lid set and have enough for everyone. Includes 2 large and 3 small cups plus 5 lids with drinking lips, perfect for drinking on the go or storing in the fridge for later.

Make your 5-a-day easy to achieve for all the family. Not only does our Smoothie Maker make great smoothies it also makes preparing dressings, dips, sauces, soups and delicious desserts simple and easy too.

The great looking design looks cool on any work-top while suction pads hold it firmly in place. The cups are dish-washer safe so clean up is quick and easy.

The 24 page recipe guide gives you great ideas for delicious smoothies, from healthy breakfast kick-starts to relaxing fruity delights. The great thing is everyone can have exactly what ingredients they like.

Smoothies are just the start. The combi-blade system and turbo function of the Smoothie Maker make it perfect to whip up a variety of sauces, salad dressings, dips, soups and delicious desserts quickly and easily. You are in charge of what goes in, so you can make these as healthy or extravagant as you wish!

The Smoothie Maker comes with a large and small cup, plus a lid with drinking lip and a baby food/cleaning cup. Use this for pureeing fruit or vegetables to make a healthy meal for your baby or with a little warm water and detergent use to instantly clean the blade between uses.

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