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By: Tbt  05/12/2011
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What we do…

TBT Global Communication is in the business of helping our customers to reduce telecommunication costs on a monthly basis.

With a “Ready-Steady-Switch” approach, we can literally start to save you money within days.

Just Call Us Now with details of your existing telephone costs and we’ll tell you within 24 hours how much you’ll save.

Our simple approach to saving money…

Ready: Simply call us now to avail of our FREE “TBT Telecoms Review”. We’ll visit your offices and review your telecoms solutions with you.

Steady: Within 72 hours, we’ll revert with an initial estimate of how much we can help you save on your monthly telecoms bills. If you are with an existing National Telecoms provider, then typical savings of 20% on National calls and 40% on international calls can easily be achieved.

Switch: Switching to TBT Global Communication is easy. Simply complete and sign a 1-page form and send it to us. Within 10 days, you’ll start to see the savings. 

WANT MORE SAVINGS? For increased savings, your organisation could take full advantage of the Telecoms Revolution by ensuring that all voice calls and traffic are carried over your existing broadband service. We can review your existing hardware and systems with you and make recommendations on any additional VoIP products that may deliver your further savings.

To avail of further discounts your organization will need to take advantage of the Telecoms Revolution by installing VoIP technology. Typically you may need to invest in VoIP handsets and / or routers or gateways that are installed and tested by TBT engineers without any loss of phone service. As part of our savings calculations, we include these hardware costs and show the longer term savings.

No Risk –Guaranteed!

Make the switch to TBT and save

Keywords: voip

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We can provide you with a range of optional services for your SME offices that rank along side the best features available to the largest organisations. VoIP technology is now allowing businesses to safely move their telephone systems from expensive traditional solutions to calling over the internet. Check out our list of selected satisfied customers to see how you can start saving on your phone systems immediately.


The Telecoms Revolution

By embracing the Telecoms Revolution, organisations are not only availing of 20% savings and more on their monthly phone bills, but they are also taking full advantage of the sophisticated telecoms services now available within the budgets of SME organisations.



Depending on the size of your office, your call volume and how you operate, you may need to purchase some additional equipment to avail of maximum monthly phone bill savings. TBT Global Communication provide a range of phone systems that enable organisations to take maximum advantage of the Telecoms Revolution. What type of equipment do you need to take advantage of VoIP.