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By: Target Testing  05/12/2011
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Test Automation

Is your testing taking too long to complete?

Do you need to increase the amount of testing you are doing without increasing the time taken to test?

Would you like your test analysts to focus on critical areas of change without sacrificing testing areas that shouldn't have changed?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then Test Automation may be the answer. Test Automation is about using specialist software to conduct tests in the same manner as a manual tester would.

With so many automation tools and frameworks available the challenge of successfully implementing a program of test automation that delivers robust and maintainable automated tests in a cost-effective manner is not always straightforward.

Target Testing has experience of successfully designing and implementing test automation strategies for various applications from browser based applications to CRM solutions to Banking Systems.

Service Highlights

  • An experienced test automation engineer will analyse your requirements and propose a solution.
  • Our engineers will implement the proposed automation, adhering to agreed standards.
  • At the end of the project, our engineers will produce the relevant documentation to support the automation.

Service Benefits

  • Our automation engineers have experience of implementing simple and complex automation projects.
  • Our automation engineers have experience of most of the leading commercial automation tools including Rational Software, Microsoft, Mercury Interactive and Compuware) as well as a range of open-source automation tools.
  • We can offer a script maintenance service for automation that we have implemented and prolonging the life of your automation scripts.
  • This service can be delivered using a fixed-price costing model.

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