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Psychotherapy Training

TABOR Institute

There are many Professional Training Courses in Ireland so it can be difficult to decide which Programme will be of most benefit to you.

TABOR Institute will provide you with the training necessary to comply with all the requirements necessary to become an accredited Psychotherapist. We operate to the highest of standards.  Indeed our standards are set above those currently required by the governing bodies in Ireland. Our standards are even above those required for the European Council of Psychotherapy. Indeed when direct award of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy becomes a reality it is our belief that our course will provide all of the educational requirements for that award enabling worldwide transferability of skills.

Amongst other criteria both Irish and European standards (the standard set in the EU for Psychotherapy is the European Certicate in Psychotherapy) for training require that for accreditation as a Psychotherapist a Professional Course must include the following

  • At Least four years long
  • Group Therapy/ experiential group must be included
  • The course must include a requirement of forty hours of personal therapy per course year and must obtain a certificate of this from the student's therapist via the student
  • There must be group supervision included in the Course when client work commences not earlier than year three
  • Students must also consult with an exteranl supervisor when engaged in client work for a minimum of fifteen hours per annum from third year onwards.


When the seed that was to become TABOR Institute was planted it was important that this Institute and those working within it together with our clients and students who came for therapy, healing, training or workshops would experience something very diffferent from that already established.

So our training in Humanistic, Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy was born. Our Course has now been running for five years and enters it's sixth in September 2009.

The Programme which is unique in these Isles is the first of it's kind in Ireland. It is Young, Innovative, Courageous, Fulfilling, Challenging, it has Spirit, Heart and is exceptionally abundant in it's holding environment. The programme is unique in it's depth of personal process. We do not seek to develop clones of existing therapists but individuals who have journeyed to the core of themselves to discover not only who they are but a way of living that excceeds their imaginings. Within each soul there lies the treasure of evolution with each having it's unqiue style, heart, talent and gift.

The journey to the self is a truly magical expedition with many of the obstacles of any long journey. It is in the negotiation of this path and journey with all that it involves that true character is borne out.

TABOR Institute believes that we are beings with huge potential. In the tradition of Humanistic psychotherapy of our forefathers we believe that each person has the ability to succeed, can evolve to a very deep level of personal awarenss that is only hindered and curtailed by their own self their own self-limiting beliefs , structures, defences and avoidances.

We can be and walk our dreams. Taking personal responsibilty is the first step.

Our aim at TABOR Institute is to help you discover yourself, tap into your treasure within and through our deep training not only discover your potential but truly walk, live it and help others do the same.

TABOR Institute is Integrity

We operate at the highest level of integrity and have the courage required to break new ground, discover new pathways and make a significant difference

Our aim -To be part of the solution -not part of the problem

As a people we live in challenging times and face more challenges as we move forward. There is a great need for something different to evolve, a way forward with hope.

The programme here at TABOR embraces all aspects of the person. Our aim Wholeness. Our training encompasses the Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual dimensions of ourselves. Indeed it is the embracing of the spiritual that makes us more than unique, we introduce our students to the Transpersonal which is grounded in deep traditions, ancient wisdoms and increasingly scientific fact.

Our groups are small to provide the space and one-to-one contact necessary for deep process and safety.

Our unique culture has allowed TABOR evolve into a community where our students have constant contact with the years ahead and behind them. This provides the oppurtunity for support and deep friendships to be forged. Our graduates have a home at TABOR which will always welcome their presence.

Our residential weekends all take place at the Transpersonal Institute, Dunderry Park, Navan, County Meath, provide meaningful contact and relationship which step beyond the conditions placed on us in ordinary reality.

We have a unique respect for the journey of each soul while holding healthy boundareis which foster growth not fear. At TABOR it is safe to be you. We will challenge you to be all that you can be , with the deepest respect. We will work with you, swim with you in the river of life and step beside you as you stretch. We provide support for the academic side of training and work with all students to help them become.

Do you have the courage to step forward and be all that you can be!


We would love to meet you and

Help us

Help you

be the best you can be.!

Professional Training in Humanistic Integrative and Traspersonal Psychotherapy

Our Professional Training in Humanistic Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy is unique in Europe. Our class numbers are very small ensuring unique tutor access and our philosophy covers the four aspects of the human condition, Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.

Our holistic approach values all individuals highly especially our students and we strive to ensure each student succeeds in our programme.

About the course

Our Professional Training in Humanistic Integrative and Transpersonal Psychotherapy is consistent with requirements of the Irish Association for Humanistic and integrative Psychotherapy as well as those for the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

It will cover the following models of psychotherapy and will also enquire into further models of psychotherapy.

Course content

Core modalities:
Freud (Psychodynamics)

Melanie Klein

John Bowlby

Rogers (Person-Centred approach)

Perls (Gestalt Therapy)

Berne (Transactional Analysis)

Art Psychotherapy

Spiritual Dimension (Meditation, Visualization, Transformation, and other spiritual methodologies)

Course format

The course will be semi-modular in form in that various sectoral therapies will be explored independently of others however each segment of the course will be continually integrated into further sections on an ongoing basis.

Group Therapy will form an ongoing and supportive part of course work from the beginning.
These groups will be experiential in nature and will continue in each year of the course and will be outside of the assessment process.

Years 1 and 2 will involve theory, skills, experiential work and peer group work.

Year 3 and 4 will continue with skills, theory, peer group and experiential work but will also involve in-course client work. These years will also necessitate students having to provide clients for their own clinical practice. (The Centre will have strict criteria for the suitability of both clients and students for this area of the course)

Group Supervision will be an integral part of the course in Years three and four and will be provided within the course. Students will also be expected to have external one-to-one supervision during these years. This requirement of external supervision will extend to at least thirty hours and will be payable by the students directly to the supervisors. External supervisors must be acceptable to the course director.


The Course will consist of ten weekends each year from September to June. Each weekend will consist of Theory of psychotherapy lectures, Group therapy and skills practice in a learning environment and will held on Saturday and Sunday.

Residential weekends
There will be two residential weekends each year which will commence on Friday and conclude at approximately 6pm on Sunday. One at the start of each academic year and the other completing each year. It is a mandatory condition of the course that all residential weekends are completed. The cost of food and accommodation at these weekends is not included in course fees.

Attendance requirements:
Minimum attendance criteria exist and all course events must be attended to ensure graduation.

Assessment criteria
Each segment of the course will require that students reach and maintain strict academic criteria before proceeding to the next stage of the course. Appropriate self assessed progress will also apply.
In addition progress in self development work both within and outside the course proper. The course will provide any help possible to enable students reach their maximum potential.
The course will require that all students engage in a minimum of forty hours of personal psychotherapy each year with an accredited member of the Irish Association for Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapy or equivalent as agreed by the course director.

Keywords: Good Hands, psychotherapy, Psychotherapy Training, Transpersonal Psychotherapy,

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