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By: Tabor Institute  05/12/2011
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Life Coaching

Ever wondered how do succesful sportspeople get to the top. They have coaches!

Now you can have your own Life Business and Executive Coach to help you get to the top in your career.

Perhaps developing a new business or simply relaunching an old one for the new markets now emerging. Maybe your team lacks motivation to get that winning edge! All of these are areas for Coaching as are career reviews or even career choices!

Please ring John at 086 3910361 for further information

Keywords: Good Hands

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TABOR Institute - In Good Hands - psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are processes where clients can learn to accept themselves and live more fruitfully in todays hectic and uncaring world. Our Modern world has created a society where distance and busyness have left us with a much eroded base for self reflection. This is the time for us to seek professional help to make our lives more mangeable and our day to day living more enjoyable.


TABOR Institute - In Good Hands - psychotherapy training

When the seed that was to become TABOR Institute was planted it was important that this Institute and those working within it together with our clients and students who came for therapy, healing, training or workshops would experience something very diffferent from that already established.


TABOR Institute - In Good Hands - the transformation game

Several programmes and products now make up the Game 'family' and are available world-wide through InnerLinks, a consulting and training company based both in the USA and UK that researches and develops Transformation Game products, programmes and trainings.


TABOR Institute - In Good Hands - critical incident stress debriefing

International studies have shown that rapid access to Critical incident Stress Debriefing has significantly lowered the incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and it's attendant Personnel consequences. Is the international standard approach to dealing with staff effected by robberies or other traumatic events. TABOR has specially trained teams available for this very necessary service.


TABOR Institute - In Good Hands - shamanism and healing

TABOR Institute is proud to be a member of the Irish Tranpsersonal Association and continues with both the traditions of North American and Mexcian healing. Shamanism is non-invasive by nature and has successfully existed for five thousand years with benefits accruing and continuing to accrue to clients to this day.