By: Syscomm  05/12/2011

With over 30 years’ combined relevant experience, SysComm is in the process of developing products that will support our customers and clients in delivering the business goals their projects have been established to achieve.

This is possible either directly as standalone packages or as part of our strategy. As each of these products become available, they will be listed here.  If you wish to be kept informed of such developments, please . Project Tools
An appropriate, effective plan or strategy is critical to ensuring the correct direction is taken and maintained across a project lifecycle, however it is increasingly clear that even with that plan in place and managed well, the project will live or die by the quality and training of its people, and its implementation processes. SysComm is working to develop a set of focused web-based utilities designed to facilitate a greater level of compliance at Design, Construction, and Commissioning.  This supports the overall goal of building the quality elements required for Qualification/Verification into the project long before that phase commences. It does this with a minimum of the typical systematic & documentation complexity, approvals bottlenecks, and general non-productive time which can often be associated with achieving this.  These tools are being designed to specifically support the implementation of projects in accordance with the ASTM 2500E Standard.  They can be configured, however, as required to meet the needs of any Lean or Risk-Based Validation and even Classical approach strategy.Certain tools will be available suited to non-GMP activities, e.g. construction, with either no oversight function or with the focus shifting to HSA requirements.Specialist Support Equipment
SysComm maintains a complement of critical test equipment deemed necessary to support our Clients’ needs in terms of :
  • Procurement Support (Manufacturing Milestone checks, materials checks, FAT/SAT instruments)
  • Materials Cert Generation
    • Rescue the loss of critical certification documents
    • Verify vendor EN 10204 2.1/2.2/3.1 certification.

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