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By: Synergy Homecare  05/12/2011
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When your senior parent needs someone to reminisce with about past life experiences, personal stories or grandchildren, their in-home companion caregiver will be there to provide them with the friendly act of listening.

While your caregiver will not be able to administer medications to your senior parent or family member, they can act as an “alarm clock” to ensure medications are taken on time and safely. Careful compliance with medications can make the difference between staying independent or not.

Our caregivers can assist your family member with daily routines, providing encouragement and light assistance getting out of bed in the morning and safely back into bed in the evening.

Staying active and maintaining a level of independence is important to the health and happiness of your senior parent. Our personal companions are here to make the best of every moment for your family member or loved one, and that’s why they help plan visits with family and friends, play dates for kids, trips to the zoo, shopping sprees, crafts and scrapbooking, or even help scheduling vacations.

As part of our companionship care services, incidental transportation is sometimes needed. Our caregivers can help with transportation and accompany your senior parent on errands, doctor’s appointments, or visits with friends and family.

A Synergy HomeCare in-home caregiver can also act as a personal assistant for your senior parent, setting and maintaining medical appointments, and handling other scheduling needs. It’s one less thing for you or your aging family member to worry about.

Staying active and mobile is important to your senior parent’s health and independence. Our caregivers can accompany your family member on walks and encourage regular exercise. 

Our caregivers can help structure pastimes, hobbies and games to keep your senior parent interactive, engaged and stimulated.

Our caregivers can assist your senior parent in the preparation of a well-balanced grocery list to ensure proper diet.  In addition, we can also help your family member clip coupons, find the best deals, monitor current food supplies in the home, and dispose of old or spoiled food. We’ll even do all of the shopping with your senior parent!

Studies show that over half of all seniors living at home are undernourished or malnourished. This is caused by an unbalanced diet, the body’s unwillingness to absorb food, or depression. As our trained caregivers assist with meal preparation, they will also monitor the food and fluid intake of your senior parent to ensure healthy nutrition.

Our caregivers can assist your senior parent in caring for an outdoor garden or houseplants.

We hire companionship caregivers who are trained and ready to work with patients who have Alzheimer’s Disease, or other forms of dementia. They are sensitive to the care and safety needs of an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient. We can encourage your senior parent or family member with Alzheimer’s Disease to engage in memory care activities through reminiscence therapy, puzzles and games.  

For those who are less mobile, the simplest task can become quite daunting. Our assisted living caregivers have been specially trained to safely help with transferring your senior parent in and out of bed or in and out of a wheelchair.

Bathing and showering are the cornerstones of maintaining personal hygiene. Our in-home caregivers know the importance of this essential part of everyday life and can help your family member with every aspect of the process, from running a bath, assistance with movement to the tub, staying close in case of emergency, helping with a partial bath or providing a full bed bath.

Personal hygiene is important to cleanse the body and soothe the mind. Our in-home caregivers are trained to give assistance to your disabled parent or family member. 

For this highly personal and sensitive situation, our personal caregivers have been trained to assist your family member with the utmost respect, professionalism and sensitivity to privacy.  We can perform minimal to full assistance, including incontinence care.

Our caregivers can help with dressing in or out of bed. We want your loved one to be comfortable, while looking and feeling great!

Your senior family member still takes pride in their appearance. Our personal caregivers can assist with hair care, and other personal appearance care.

Unintentional weight loss is a common problem for seniors. Feeding assistance, either during or between meals, has been shown to improve daily fluid and food consumption and healthy weight maintenance. Our caregivers can prepare meals and provide feeding assistance to your senior parent or disabled family member.

Homemaking services are usually provided in conjunction with companionship or personal care core services, allowing your loved ones to enjoy the beautiful home they’ve lived in for years without the stress of keeping it up every day.  Cleaning and maintaining personal space helps maintain a sense of independence and pride—not to mention the fact that a clean home is a safe and healthy home.

Sometimes errands seem like a never-ending list of chores.  Don’t let these minor inconveniences get in the way of enjoying a beautiful day.  Let our caregivers handle those errands for your family member while they spend time in their garden or reading a good book.

We know how proud your aging parent is of their home. Our in-home caregivers will make sure it continues to be something they can take pride in. We can help around the house with activities such as cleaning up the kitchen, dusting, taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom as well as vacuuming, changing linens and making the bed.

If your senior parent or family member is unable to cook a nourishing meal for themselves, our caregivers can prepare and encourage proper diet and nutrition, as well as ensure thorough cleanup to prevent the spread of bacteria or food-borne illness.

Our in-home caregivers can help ensure the safety and cleanliness of your senior parent’s kitchen by consistently cleaning the countertops, running the dishwasher, sweeping the floors and putting clean kitchen items back in cupboards and drawers.

The bathroom is a very private and personal sanctuary for every person. Our Synergy HomeCare caregivers will ensure the sanitization and cleanliness of the restroom facilities, providing your family member with the safest and healthiest environment possible.

Sometimes your loved one starts to have trouble keeping up with all the chores in the home.  If this is the case, our in-home caregivers can help by handling the laundry loads, folding and ironing clothes.

Our assisted living caregivers will make sure your family member gets into a comfortable clean bed, every night.  This helps to ensure quality sleep and cleanliness.

Keywords: Caregivers