By: Sustainable Refurbishment  05/12/2011
Keywords: Sustainability, refurbishment, remote monitoring

The Next Generation of Refurbishment

For the first time, refurbishment projects are held in the same regard as new build.  While traditional refurbishment focused on preservation, the next generation of projects will seek to preserve in a sustainable manner.This means;

–        Applying fundamental science (energy, water, light, sound…)

–        Developing new products and techniques

–        Assessing the impact of changes at the system level

–        Incorporating the impact of the user into design

It is a tall order for small and medium sized companies, requiring them to develop a rigorous 

definition of sustainability based on;

–        Performance modeling and system specification

–        Experimental design and execution

–        System integration and analysis

–        Remote monitoring (wired or wireless) and data analysis

–        Occupier feedback and education

Working with partners and students we have being refurbishing Memorial Hall as an examplar of what sustainable refurbishment can achieve.  For details on the scope and scale of the refurbishment project undertaken have a look at the attached Blog.

Keywords: refurbishment, remote monitoring, Sustainability, Sustainable Refurbishment