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By: Surveyguru  05/12/2011

I offer college students, who are conducting surveys as part of their research, the opportunity to avail of my professional, speedy, cost effective and stress-free survey implementation service.

Less Time:

Less Cost:

Do away with all the costs associated with printing, postage, envelopes of a traditional paper survey – or indeed the hefty bills associated with telephone surveys.

Less Hassle:

I can take the pain out of performing primary research for your dissertation.  Yes – you’ve to design the questions, do the analysis and interpret the results.  But let me formulate your questions into a professionally presented online survey and then provide you with your results in an easy to interpret spreadsheet.

Here’s how it works :

  • I turn those questions into an online survey.  We deal with each question “as is” – no editing and no suggestions.
  • You review the online survey and tell me if you want any changes made.
  • I make those changes.

That’s it!

So – what does it cost?

  • First 2 questions free!
  • €10 per question thereafter
  • €20 per element of skip logic  Imagine if someone is asked if they’re male or female.  If they answer male, you don’t want to bother them with questions that only apply to females.  So you never even show them the female questions.  Result?  They don’t get irritated by questions that don’t apply to them!  They also get through the survey faster!
  • €20 per change thereafter, for example, in response to an ethics committee or a supervisor wanting changes made.  There’s an implication there – save yourself money by ensuring that your questions have the approval of the relevant people!
Note : Students are entirely responsible for the design of their questions, the analysis of the collected data, and the interpretation of the results.  SurveyGuru will take care of the implementation – the piece that fits in between design and data analysis.
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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