By: Suprotec  05/12/2011
Keywords: Quality Management, Quality Management System

NPTK Suprotec manufactures all its products and materials to a third party registered quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001 and the Company has over time built up an excellent reputation for competitiveness, reliability, quality and service.

The quality management standard ensures that all quality related operations are conducted in a controlled manner with the emphasis on achieving the required standard consistently and working towards continual improvement.

To achieve our goal of continuously improving our products and services and retain our ISO 9001 certification all dealers will play their part.

Ideas are welcome on improving the effectiveness or efficiency of our operations and service. In this way we will ensure that Suprotec remains the number one choice for YOU our Customers.

Our summary objectives are to:

  • Meet the reasonable expectations of the user in the products and services we provide
  • Adopt a quality approach to everything we do
  • Do It Right First Time
  • Provide the resources to achieve these objectives

Multiple tests, exhibitions and technical presentation all over Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries confirm high technical reliability and efficiency of ILC Suprotec.

An engine operating without oil and with removed oil pan and a cover plate for several years is the trade mark of the Company.

Keywords: Quality Management, Quality Management System