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By: Superquinn Reward Card  05/12/2011
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Superquinn History

Building customer loyalty is at the heart of Superquinn’s philosophy - which is to focus the business on persuading customers to come back again through excellent service and produce, rather than on maximising profit from their current visit. Superquinn is investing in its’ Supermarkets by making them more modern and exciting places to shop so customers get an enhanced customer experience. Rewarding our customers is very important to us and the recent changes in the reward programme were designed to make the process of building up Reward Points and spending these points easier for customers to do.

Superquinn set out to devise an approach that would be totally user-friendly. This involved ensuring that the operation would not delay customers at check-outs. Above all, the system had to be continually refined so that it would be seen from the customer’s viewpoint to be very simple.

Superquinn devised Ireland’s first loyalty scheme in the retail trade in May 1993 called SuperClub. Superquinn Rewards has now superseded this scheme from February 2007 and is operated and managed by STM (SuperClub Target Marketing) which is a 100% owned by Superquinn.

An additional major benefit carefully designed into this programme was the build-up of the database of individual customers’ shopping patterns. This offered Superquinn a totally new level of knowledge about its customers, even for a company that has always prided itself on being close to its customers.

The design of the programme, points based, arose through a process of elimination of all the various reward methods currently in use. The flexibility of points allows us to offer customers Superquinn quarterly vouchers, spend Points using their Superquinn Rewards card or exchange their Points for One4all® Gift Vouchers that can be used in over 600 retail outlets in Ireland. We let the customer choose how they wish to spend their reward.

Registering of customer points is automatic via the till, and because the check-out receipt keeps the customer immediately up-to-date on how many points she has, the scheme is very simple from the customer’s point of view. When the balance of points is removed for the quarterly mailing that shows on the till receipt too so customers are kept informed every step of the way.

From Superquinn’s viewpoint, the team was at pains to build into the scheme total flexibility in operation - so the points awarded could be increased on particular days, to particular customers, even at particular times, in different shops, and of course particular products. Apart from flexibility in marketing, this offered a customer benefit in terms of constant novelty.

As a further dimension, Superquinn has offered database services to suppliers - with STM Ltd and Superquinn retaining full control of the database. This has enabled Superquinn to communicate a wide range of offers and special promotions of relevancy to its Superquinn Rewards customer base.

Following extensive research and investment in world-class technology, the third phase of the Superquinn loyalty programme was officially launched in February 2007 under the name of Superquinn Rewards. Under this new programme, customers will collect points, 1 point is worth 1c and 100 points are worth €1.00. This will make calculating the value of Reward Points much easier.

In addition to the wide range of benefits and savings under the new programme, Superquinn have welcomed One4all® as their gifting partner. Superquinn Rewards customers will now be to use their points earned to claim gifts vouchers that can be used in over 600 retailers and 4000 outlets in the Republic of Ireland.

Superquinn Rewards customers will not need to re-register for the programme, their existing Reward Points will be automatically converted into the Superquinn Rewards programme and their new card has the same card number as the previous scheme.

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Keywords: Flexibility, Gift Vouchers

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