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By: Supatrak  05/12/2011
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With fuel representing, on average, 30% of total operating costs, improving your fleet’s fuel performance is more important now than ever before. The good news is that unlike other overheads, fuel costs are not fixed. There are many variables including driving style, mileage and type of vehicle that can all affect a fleet’s overall fuel bill. By understanding these factors and learning how to monitor and manage them, significant cost savings can be achieved.

The Technology

Many solutions have gone some way to help fleet operators manage their fuel consumption and carbon emissions, but have been unable to provide actual fuel usage and at best, give very poor or inaccurate estimates.

EcoTrak fuel saving technology has been developed in conjunction with the haulage industry and commercial fleet operators to help businesses in the UK and Ireland to realise fuel savings.

EcoTrak reports on driver and vehicle management parameters including miles per gallon (MPG), speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), engine load, idling time and time spent in cruise control, to name a few, using real time reporting of CANbus information.

This information is collected by linking EcoTrak to the vehicle communication network using two standard protocols: SAE J1979 for cars/vans and SAE J1939 for trucks/buses. EcoTrak uses the vehicle’s Controlled Area Network—CANbus—and there is no requirement for FMS to be enabled.

It has been found that by managing these parameters, it is possible to improve your fleet’s overall performance and reduce costs.

Typical savings of between 10% and 20% are being achieved by providing fleet managers and businesses owners with a simple to use fleet management tool.

Driver Behaviour

“The most influential factor on fuel consumption within a business is people. As the person driving the vehicle, it makes sense that the driver has the most significant impact on fuel consumption. Therefore, understanding and influencing their daily activities is vital.”
Freight Transport Association, 2008

EcoTrak enables you to understand the individual driving styles of each of your drivers. It records their actual behaviour in real time and reports it back to you in a collection of simple reports, which make up the EcoTrak reporting and analysis suite. This is accessible via the internet 24/7 or can be scheduled to arrive in your inbox at your chosen time.

From these reports it is possible to identify drivers that are performing poorly and re-educate them to demonstrate more fuel efficient driving. Not only does efficient driving mean lower fuel costs, it also means lower maintenance and insurance costs too. It really does pay to draw your drivers’ attention to their uneconomical habits.

"EcoTrak has significantly reduced our fuel bills with fuel economy increases on our HGV fleet in excess of 1 MPG per vehicle."
David Pushman – Haulage Director, Boarhunt

Some businesses have found that by simply drawing their drivers’ attention to their areas of poor performance, it can increase their efficiency and affect fuel costs by approximately 4%.

Some businesses then choose to train their drivers, either in house or through an approved driver training agency, which teaches them to drive more efficiently. After training has taken place, EcoTrak enables fleet managers to monitor and manage their driver’s behaviour and compare the performance before and after. Most businesses report a fuel reduction of between 10% and 20% due entirely to the improvements in their driver’s behaviour.

A Greener Fleet

EcoTrak can also help your business to be come greener by reducing your fleet’s vehicle carbon emissions.

The amount of carbon output is directly affected by the amount of fuel used and through the use of EcoTrak fuel saving technology, you can significantly reduce your fuel consumption and therefore your emissions.

With all businesses becoming increasingly aware of their corporate and social responsibilities, EcoTrak makes good business sense. Award Winning Technology

CMS SupaTrak was recently commended at the national GreenFleet Awards 2008 in two categories: Industry Innovation and IT/Communications Product of the Year. The benefits of EcoTrak were recognised in both categories and its ability to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions were particularly highlighted.

EcoTrak has also been highly commended by the Van FleetWorld Honours Awards 2008. It was recognised in the technology category for its carbon reduction abilities.

EcoTrak Benefits

  • Reduce your fuel costs
  • Monitor and manage driver behaviour
  • Monitor fuel usage by journey, vehicle and driver
  • Calculate your fleet’s total carbon footprint by driver, and vehicle
  • Real time reporting of CANbus information
  • Access to reporting and analysis suite
  • Ability to provide CANbus information for cars, vans, trucks and buses
  • No requirement for FMS to be enabled
  • Real time engine diagnostic alerts
  • The monthly fee includes installation, all hardware and network charges
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Covert in-vehicle installations for maximum security
  • Full training and 24/7/365 telephone support

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