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By: Stucco  05/12/2011
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How does plaster work?

1. A mixture of water, lime and portland cement has to be prepared on site as it has dries up quickly. Ready-made mixes that require only water to be added are also available in home decoration stockists.These are mixed using a drill with a mixing paddle or a mixing machine.

2. The decorator then applies plaster to a prepared base layer, which is nowadays a plasterboard, coat after a coat, using a trowel, a hawk, and a float. Scrimming tape and angle beading need to be already in place when this job is done.

3. Final coat is the most important and most of attention should be paid to making it as smooth as possible. Other decorative finishes such as stucco, polished plaster, textures plaster (artex) are applied to it.

Why Plaster?

Durable, energy efficient and fire-proof matierial, easy to apply and requires no maintenance. Once applied, it lasts for many years. External stucco is weatherproof, internal plasters are mold and mildew resistant.

What is the choice of finishes that I can get?

  • Aquarello - exterior and interior decorative brush glaze
  • Calce Liberty - breathable mineral paint for exterior and interior use
  • Calcenova - breathable mineral coating for exterior and interior application
  • Calcenova Arredo - smooth organic mineral coating for interior application
  • Etruria - decorative glazing and texturising brush paint system
  • Immagini - exterior and interior decorative elastometric coating
  • Intonaforte - decorative organic mineral coating for exterior and interior application
  • Stucco Mantovano - glossy slaked lime-based stucco for exterior and interior application
  • Marmorino - exterior and interior mineral stucco paste in satin finish
  • Murs d'Art - decorative, thermally insulating and acoustic coating
  • Quarzonovo - washable, quartz-based wall paint for exterior and interior application
  • Velatura Quarzonovo - washable, quartz-based brush glaze for exterior and interior application
  • Stucco Veneziano - self-polishing decorative coating for exterior and interior application
  • Stucco Veneziano Metallo - self-polishing decorative coating in gold, silver, bronze and copper finish

Why choose DecorStudios?

With over a decade of experience, we mastered the stucco and plaster finishes and proudly offering our services to businesses and homeowners in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

Trained in Italian craft of stucco, we entered into partnership with Italian manufacturer Safra Colors and have been offering free consultation and great value service to our clients.

Keywords: Plaster, Stucco

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