Strogs- Characteristics

By: Strogs  05/12/2011


Characteristics of Straw Briquettes:

  • 100% Carbon Neutral
  • 100% Natural Biomass
  • Calorific Value: 15 to 17.5 MJ/Kg
  • Ash: 3-6%
  • No Sparks

Burn Time: Excellent (1pk / night)

By choosing to burn STROGS:

1. We can cut dependency on energy imports.

2. Reduce our “carbon-footprint” (which we are obliged to do by Kyoto or face massive carbon taxes).

3. Help support local jobs (which improves local economy).

4. It is competitively priced, which is “easier on the pocket”.

Energy Value of Straw Briquettes

 Fuel                         Moisture Content Density Kg/M3  Lower C.V MJ/Kg  Lower C.VkWh/tonne 
 Coal  5  600  27.1  7,527
 Straw Briquettes  11  1085  16  4,448
 Wood Products  10  1020  17  4,726
 Sod Peat  35  350  12.8  3,555
 Wood Chip  30  150  12.5  3,472

Carbon Emissions

  Straw Briquettes  Oil  Straw Briquettes  Oil 
 Quantity of fuel  5kg  2.6 Lt  1,000 kg  520 Lt
 kg Carbon Dioxide   0
 7.01  0  1,402.00
 CO2  0.56  0.01  113.00  2.37
 CH4  0.09  0.28  18.00  56.71
 kg Nitrous Oxide        
 Total kg CO2e  0.64  7.30  131.00  1,461.08

Greenhouse Gas Saving kg                            6.65             I                     1,330.08   

  • A 5kg pack of straw briquettes will give a greenhouse gas saving of 6.65kg of CO2 equivalent if we compare the straw to oil.
  • One tonne of straw briquettes will give a saving of 1,330kg of CO2.

Other products and services from Strogs


Strogs- Products

With this new market opened up to the farmers they can increase their profit year on year from their cereal crops. All our straw comes from local farmers, who, used to receive very little for their cereal straw. This enterprise generates local jobs and benefits the local economy at a time when. Is vital for the Irish economy and future growth.


strogs-how to use

Are a wonderful source of heat but care should be taken when using. Your fire can be started using firelighters and kindling as normal. As a bonus, the ash from the product makes a perfect fertiliser.


Strogs-Types of Appliances-,Appliances

Can be burned in Open Fireplaces, Ceramic Stoves, Kitchen Stoves and Central Heating Boilers. It’s a very versitle fuel and in normal circumstances gives four plus hours burn times. Can reach efficiencies of 80-90% at very low gas emissions. In fact, thanks to modern technology, boilers using.


Strogs - How its made

Under the heat of compression, the lignin in the cell walls melts, which binds the logs together, once cooled. The bales are then fed into a hopper, where the straw is milled and sent through our system. Collated and packed ready to be used in your open fire or solid fuel appliance. Are the by product of straw, the natural waste once a crop has been harvested. We collect the baled hay and bring it to our specially designed plant.


Strogs- Eco Friendly

The cost of obtaining the same quantity of energy, is, in the case of straw-firing roughly 35% lower than in the case of coal-firing. Straw, which is a natural product, is clean and cheap and may become an alternative to expensive coal. All our coal is imported and hugh distances must be travelled to obtain this fossil fuel. By doing this practise people are completing the cycle of a renewable energy source.