By: Straker Translations  05/12/2011
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We offer fast, efficient and cost effective translation services for all types of content from small one page documents to complete books and technical publications. With our ability to offer a per hour rate for translations as apposed to the traditional per word (expensive model), you will find our rates the best available without any compromising on translation quality. 

Proven Translations you can Trust

With a range of global clients you can reference you know you can trust that you will get your translation to the quality required and at the time you require it. We adhere to the European standard for translation companies (EN:15038) which is the highest standard a translation company can meet and is globally recognised. 

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Why Pay More?

With assured accuracy and fast turnaround times why pay more for a translation? Our customers often see reductions of up to 40% over our competitors for translation services. 

Guaranteed Accuracy

At Straker we translate over one million words per month, from small 500 word jobs to large ones with over 100,000 words.  With our roots as a software company we have developed systems and tools to ensure quality control throughout the translation process.

Our translators are validated by the people that really matter - our customers and partners.  Each time a translation is completed the translators are scored based on feedback from our clients.

How do we ensure translation accuracy with such a low translation price?

As mentioned we ensure that our translations are accurate, ultimately it is our advanced translation technologies and workflows that enable us to lower the price of translations.  Project management is not charged as our system automatically manages the translation workflows, that being said, each project gets assigned a Straker project manager to oversee and ensure translation accuracy and deadlines are hit.

Our Translators

We employ professional translators from around the world.  To be accepted, translators must be certified translators.  It is their job, not their hobby and we have seen a huge difference between part time translators and professional translators.

All translators must go through our internal qualification program and the more positive feedback we get from customers the more work is given to them.

Keywords: PROJECT MANAGEMENT, translation, translation companies, Translation Services

Other products and services from Straker Translations


Multilingual CMS

With our world leading global content management system - Straker CMS, we have the easiest and most cost effective method of getting your content and applications to a global audience. If required we can provide a one stop shop for going live with Straker CMS and offer design, development and consultancy on top of our software and language services.


Enterprise Translation Portal

The Straker ETP is a central software platform for all corporate language resources and for controlling translation processes and workflows. The software includes translation memory, terminology systems, and powerful project management and translation workflow control tools. The cost savings are related primarily to translation savings and don’t take into account the other benefits around speed to publish.


Translation Price Guide

Before you go off and pay 20 or 30 cents per source work in, get a quote from us based on our per hour charging rates which will mean you only to pay a third or less of the standard rate from other agencies. For bigger jobs we offer free quality verification checks, you send us some sample content and we will get it translated for free so that you can verify our quality before moving forward.


Document Translation

Whether you need to translate a letter of credit, business contracts or agreements, export or import documents or business correspondence, Straker is your source for business document translation services. Companies trust us to get their documents translated correctly first time, including the European Commission, Bridgestock, Goldbuyers International and Sun Life Financial.