The Canine Sports Medicine Clinic

By: Straffan  05/12/2011
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1. Examination
Our most basic service is a full clinical and musculo-skeletal examination of the dog which takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Based on the experience gained in examining many thousands of dogs over the past 20 years this can hopefully find the source of a dog’s lameness or poor performance.

2.Blood Testing
We have in-house facilities for haematology (routine examination of red and white cells) which give results in approximately 3 minutes. Results of this will reveal the presence of infection, dehydration or anaemia as well as many other problem conditions. Many greyhound trainers like to regularly test their dog’s blood to assess its’ state of health and level of fitness. Haematology is best carried out at least 3 days after a race.

For more complex tests of heart, kidneys, liver and muscle function as well as hormone assay including thyroid we use a local laboratory who email results to us the same day.

3. X-Ray
We have recently upgraded our xray facilities by purchasing a Poskom PXP60 high frequency xray machine and an Agfa CR30X digital xray system. This system digitises the xray image and displays it on a specialised medical computer monitor. The advantages are huge: no more dealing with messy chemicals to develop xrays, xrays can be adjusted to compensate for being over or underexposed, we can zoom in on areas of interest to detect small fractures and xrays can be emailed to clients or other vets if we need to get another opinion.

Since installing this system before Christmas 2010 it is already proving its worth by allowing us to quickly and accurately diagnose the most subtle of problems in the delicate bones and joints of our patients. Greyhounds are fantastic patients which makes the taking of x-rays with the animal conscious a possibility, keeping costs down.4. Acupuncture
We offer acupuncture both as a therapy for injury and as an aid to performance. Many of our greyhound clients like their dogs to have a specific performance boosting treatment 2-3 days before a big race and feel that the dogs break and stay on better afterwards. Many report the dogs “bouncing” the day after acupuncture treatment, showing they are in good form.We also treat many pets and working dogs for injury and lameness with acupuncture, with excellent results in most cases. A standard course of treatment lasts for 4 weekly sessions and dogs may or may not need follow-up sessions every few weeks or months depending on the condition.5. PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma
A new technique borrowed from human sports medicine, where the dogs own plasma is injected into injured muscle or tendons to speed up healing.

6. Supplements and Tonics
We carry a full range of Nutriscience products and many other supplements for general health.

We also stock Replenolyte, the best electrolyte solution for greyhounds on the market.We obviously stock a full range of wormers and vaccines at competitive prices.

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