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By: Storyteller  05/12/2011

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Description of Shapeshifter:

Here are six great tales for kids of all ages. A mix of favourites including “Irish Dancing”, “Shapeshifter” and the hair raising “Fiddlee Dee !”.

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1. Smok the Dragon
2. Instrumental
3. Fiddly Dee, Fiddly Doh
4. Irish Dancing
5. Instrumental
6. Shapeshifter
7. Instrumental
8. The Magic Pot
9. How Tiger got his Stripes


Description of Mr Gutenberg And Other Tales:

This fun cd suitable for all ages includes some of Nialls best known tales including:
“Fionn And Una” and “How English Came To Be”. The title tale “ Mr Gutenberg” relates how Johan Gutenberg changed the world forever when he invented the printing press.

Back of CD / Story list :

1. Fionn and Una
2. Lulu and the King of the Sharks
3. Daddy Paddy
4. The Greedy Merchant
5. How English Came to Be
6. Hey Mr Gutenberg

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