Stokes Bio

By: Stokes Bio  05/12/2011

Stokes Bio currently has two products in development which can be used in uniquely different application driven configurations within the field of Gene Expression. They are described as follows:

Portable qPCR Device 4XFTS (Four assay, fast throughput)

This is a low cost, low power, portable, iso-thermal device which will quantitate the gene expression level for the target of interest. This device incorporates a Stokes Bio patent position using thermal convection for performing PCR in an iso-thermal device. The first design iteration will measure a single sample less than 20 minutes and with a reaction volume of 25uL. The market applications range from installation in High Schools to a portable Point of Care device.

High Throughput – Arrayer and Detection System 384XHTS

This system provides a practical solution to customers who wish to analyze multiple samples for multiple gene targets. This system allows the customer to load 384 samples and 96 gene assays with the use of only three 384 well plates. Each assay will target either the original gene or the gene expression of the target. Analysis in triplicate gives 110,592 unattended assays. Robotic plate loaders give the potential to raise this to over 9 million unattended assays.