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By: Stira  05/12/2011
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The Original Stira Folding Attic Stairs is designed to be the strongest most flexible attic stairs on the market anywhere. It has unique design features that allow us to build for extra high ceilings and extra large trapdoor openings. We build our stairs to the highest international standards

We make a range of standard sizes that would suit most homes with ceiling heights up to 9ft high but even if our extensive range of standard off the shelve range can’t meet your needs we are one of the only major manufacturers of attic stairs that will custom build an attic stairs to meet our customers actual requirements.

Key features of the Original Stira

  • Inner frame: The inner frame of the Stira that attaches the ladder to the trapdoor is unique to Stira, this rigid frame allows us to make the outer frame of the Stira as big as we like without affecting the mechanics of the stairs.
  • Wraparound hinge: This hinge on the bottom fold on the ladder wraps around the side stringer clamping down onto it giving a superior hinging joint.
  • Customisable: We can custom build! Do you have a 13ft ceiling? Need an extra large trapdoor on the stairs as access to a store area? We will take any requests on board and advise the customer to the best of our knowledge on the best stairs for your needs.
  • 10 year guarantee! We build our stairs to last! We are one of the only attic stairs manufacturers to offer such an extensive guarantee. We’re proud of our product and have put years of research and development into ensuring it’s the one and only attic stairs you will ever need to buy.

We have three standard ceiling heights the 8-foot (243cm), 8 foot 6 inch (259cm) and the 9-foot (274cm) each of these three heights come in a standard range of frame sizes they start with a 22 inch wide frame and go up in 2 inch increments all the way to 30 inches. Other stairs on the market have just one large stairs, which needs to be cut to the correct size. This stairs will have a much longer opening than is needed meaning you loose floor space in the attic and have an unnecessarily large hole in your ceiling.

Maximum ceiling height Original Stira is suitable for 10ft (13ft with Stiramatic upgrade). Stira stairs above 10ft require the Stiramatic upgrade due to the heights and weights involved.

Maximum frame length 64”
Minimum frame length will depend on ceiling height. Absolute minimum frame length on our smallest stairs the 8ft model is 39”.

Maximum frame width 40”
Minimum frame width will depend on ceiling height as bigger stairs require additional springs (not applicable if using the Stiramatic upgrade) but the absolute minimum frame width on an 8ft Stira (without serious modification) is 22”, with a modified ladder we can make the frame width as narrow as 19”.

Original Stira specifications

Timber used

  • Ladder: Southern yellow pine from renewable forests in the United States of America. Treated with hardwearing varnish.
  • I nnerframe: White deal.
  • Outerframe: White deal.
  • Trapdoor: Standard, Pine ply, untreated. Trapdoor options available on request.
  • Pole: Southern Yellow Pine

Metal parts

  • Wraparound hinge & corner bracket: Anodised steal
  • Finger hinge: Coated steal
  • Arms: Coated steal

Download technical drawing

The Stira Folding Attic Stairs has been awarded the British Standards Institue Kitemark. The Kitemark signifies a comitment to quality, it also means the Stira passes UK building codes.

Keywords: frame, stairs

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