Revenue Settlements & Negotiations, instalment arrangements, hardship cases, late payments of tax

By: Stephen Egan  05/12/2011

As our recession deepens increasingly many businesses are falling late with their payments.

Revenue have indicated that where there are genuine reasons for late payments and where a viable business can be shown to still exist , then they are prepared , under certain circumstances and subject to particular information being provided ,  to be sympathetic and realistic in their approach.

Moreover , they have indicated that they will allow an instalment arrangement to be entered into in  such cases.

It is also possible in genuine hardship cases to have the collection of taxes due suspended or possibly  written off  either partially or in full.

Early and effective representation to revenue is crucial in these cases.

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Advising on related issues including payments, refunds and interest charges.Advising on specialist tax reliefs including the business expansion scheme, artist's exemption and various legitimate tax shelter schemes. This mainly refers to self-employed persons but includes those with a source of investment or rental income where tax cannot be recovered by restricting their tax credits under the PAYE system.


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Also, routine business tax audits can be quite stressful for taxpayers and often for a range of reasons, innocent or otherwise, substantial previously unrecognised tax liabilities can be uncovered. In recent years revenue have conducted a number of investigations including investigations into off-shore bank accounts, bogus non-resident accounts and certain insurance & investment products.


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In a very small number of tax arrears cases, taxpayers often fail to submit tax returns or to make payments for a number of years and over a range of tax heads. Professionally prepared submissions with appropriate back-up documentation and analysis will result in an effective and relatively speedy response from Revenue.


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REGISTRATION A person supplying taxable goods or services must register for vat as soon as it becomes clear that they exceed or will likely exceed the relevant registration limit. As part of our range of compliance services to clients we can be engaged to prepare a range of vat returns including vat3's and also annual returns.


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Because of the dramatic fall in asset values caused by the current financial and economic crisis there has never been a better time in recent years to transfer assets particularly business assets to children or other relatives. His son Patrick will likely have no capital acquisitions tax to pay as he will be able to avail of business relief. Estate planning often involves the disposal of business and other assets to family members.


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Gift tax, inheritance tax, cat thresholds, cat exemptions, cat reliefs, cat transfers between spouses, cat dwelling house relief, cat agricultural relief, cat business relief, cat divorced spouses. There are substantial tax free thresholds which effectively mean the beneficiary is exempt tax on cumulative dispositions received over many years depending on their relationship to the donor.