Performance Analysis System for Football Teams and Soccer Clubs. Coaches can use an iPhone or iPod touch to record game stats

By: Statzpack  05/12/2011
Keywords: football teams, Ipod Touch, Performance Analysis System

Built by senior level coaches, players, and sports scientists, Statzpack allows coaches to record data at the field, during the game – supporting team administrators, parents, and players in building an easy to use databank of stats.  As the game is played you record the data using the , which is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad from .  The data then is linked to our website providing you with an easy-to-use dashboard analysis game–by-game. The data is broken down by campaigns, teams, and individual player reports.  You can even allow players to view their own data.  your team can get from using and check out our .

Action Recording & Analysis
  Goals & Assists Statzpack App  
    By player
  Record your game stats without a network connection
    Type of play – open, penalty, free kick   Add games on the App  
    Zonal recording   In game live, half time and full time stats summary  
    Assists recorded   Your match history in your hand  
    Comparison of Attempts vs Goals   Easy to use, simple to learn  
  Attempt on Goal Discipline  
    By player
  By player
    On target   Yellow and red cards  
    Off target   Build data on fouls committed, and where on the field  
  Goal Kick Substitutions  
    By team
  Record the player switches  
    Possession kept or lost   All data is timestamped, player time calculated  
  Corners Opposition  
    By team
  Record stats for your opponents.  
    Zonal recording   Scout your opponents  
  Free Kicks / Fouls Muti Team Size  
    By player   5 - 7 -9 - 11 a side team size options
    Committed or fouled   11 a side has 4-4-2, 4-5-1 & 4-3-3 formations  
    Zonal recording,   Flexibility to work with 4, 6, 8 a side teams  
    See where the fouls are committed and conceded      
  Offside Player Analysis  
    By Player
  Number of starts in a campaign or a period of time
    Timestamped and totaled   Calculate playing time per game  
  Pass   Number of times substituted  
    By player   Starting Appearance, versus on the Subs Bench  
    Good / Bad, % Accuracy   Number of yellow/red cards, compared to team average  
  Custom Actions   Number of goals conceded whilst playing  
  Set up and record any stat / action to record   Powerful data for player reports

Keywords: football teams, Ipod Touch, Performance Analysis System