Stanley UK - FatMax® Xtreme™ Fixed Blade Knife

By: Stanley Works  05/12/2011

FatMax® Xtreme™ Fixed Blade Knife

by monkey1234 - DIYer - Thu 4 February

This is a very good at cutting tough materials and definitley something are keep in ,my tool box.

Top Tip: Use safley.

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by Vern - Builder - Wed 3 February

Excellent tool I like the fact that the magnet holds blades in place when changing them so no more fiddling and dropping blades anymore making my job so much quicker and less times I cut myself!!!!! I also like the fact that it holds alot more blades than most knifes

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by jinksy - DIYer - Tue 2 February

top quality cuts anything and very strong durable handle. had no issues using this tool and would strongly reccommend it too all out there in need off any type off bladed tool :)

Top Tip: cut away from u

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