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By: St Gabriels  05/12/2011
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Occupational Therapists work with children to assist them to develop “skills for the job of living”.

In order to develop, promote and enhance your child’s skills the Occupational Therapist will assess a range of activities of daily living for example, self care (including dressing, feeding and toileting), productivity (play and education) and leisure (games and activities for enjoyment).

These are assessed by identifying foundation skills affecting their performance which include:

  • Sensory – How your child processes and organises sensory     information from their body and environment e.g. reactions to touch, sound     and movement.
  • Motor – Your child’s muscle strength, posture, finger grasp,     in-hand manipulation, visual motor coordination, gross motor co-ordination     and balance.
  • Cognitive – Your child’s ability to attend on a task,     problem-solve, organise themselves and plan within their environment,     transfer learned skills to new situations.
  • Environmental: adaptations, accessibility to your child’s     environment.

Here in St.Gabriel’s Occupational Therapy intervention is carried out using a variety of approaches and is dependent on your child’s identified needs, for example:

  • Group intervention, individual intervention or joint intervention     with other members of the multidisciplinary team to develop functional     skills as mentioned above, (sensory integration, neuro developmental     treatment, etc.)
  • Education- information provision to parents and other relevant     professionals involved in your child’s care.
  • Home – school and pre-school visits to liaise with other relevant     professionals involved in your child’s care
  • Home and school     programmes may be provided to complement treatment sessions. 
  • Specialist equipment recommendations may be provided for physical     needs or sensory needs e.g. seating, toileting etc.  Liaison with Specialist seating     clinic occurs as necessary.
  • Advice on Assistive Technology     for education. Liasion with Specialist assistive technology services as     necessary.
  • Advice on environmental adaptations in the home & educating     placements e.g. wheelchair accessibility with a building

Keywords: Occupational Therapist

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Play reveals your child’s current abilities and interests, and play is also the point at which different areas of your child’s development all work together. The early intervention specialist uses play to assess your child and as a way of introducing recommended therapy. Children see the whole world through play and this is the medium in which they learn best. He or she is qualified and experienced in early education and special education.


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The nursing department works closely with members of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team, therapists, doctors, GPs, public health nurses, school staff and other clinic staff. The role of the nursing department is to provide a comprehensive and effective service to children and young adults with a disability who attend St.Gabriel’s School. Development and delivery of health education and health promotion programmes.


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