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By: Spyder Cctv Cameras  05/12/2011
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The Bug Detector Can Locate All Major Types Of Bugs:
Analog and Digital Bugs
The Spy Device (Hook-Switch Bypass, Third Wire Tap, Harmonica, Etc.)
"Series" and "Parallel" Telephone Taps
Cell Phone Bugging Devices
Body Transmitters (i.e. Body Wires)
Computer and Fax Eavesdropping Devices
Room Bugs
Concealed Video Cameras
GPS Vehicle and Personal Tracking Devices
Many, many, more..

Are You Being Spied On?
Could someone be listening in or watching you? With the small and hidden designs of the latest eavesdropping and surveillance devices, you might never know if you are being spied on in your own bathroom, shower, office, or home. You might even have people listening to your private conversions with a phone tap or audio surveillance device. With all of this eavesdropping equipment on the market, what can you do to protect yourself? Take action against prying eyes with this Frequency Bug Detector. This device is a form of counter surveillance that can locate all of the eavesdropping equipment installed in your home or office no matter how hidden they are.

Don't Give Thieves Access To Your Personal Information Or Possessions
Being spied on can be more than just embarrassing. Oftentimes, thieves use eavesdropping equipment or "bugs" such as sound amplifying devices for audio surveillance or hidden cameras for video surveillance to find out valuable information about your personal finances and possessions. Your private conversations can give thieves all the information they need to steal your identity, break into your home, or even abduct your children. Protect yourself with the Frequency Bug Detector.

Find Hidden Cameras & Audio Surveillance To Protect Your Personal Privacy
Hidden cameras and listening devices can be anywhere. Oftentimes these surveillance devices are hidden in showers or bedrooms, where people don't know they are there. These videos and images are sometimes sold on the Internet without permission from those featured in the hidden camera videos. Also these audio surveillance devices can secure incriminating evidence or personal information. This is not only embarrassing but also a dangerous. Make sure that your privacy and safety are protected by de-bugging your home with the Frequency Finder Bug Detector. This counter surveillance device makes sure to locate all hidden cameras and audio surveillance devices to ensure that you are not the victim of this type of crime.


Protects your privacy and personal safety

Locates hidden cameras, eavesdropping devices or "bugs", phone taps, GPS trackers, room bugs and body wires

"Sensitivity Mode" homes in on even the smallest hidden bugs

Detects the "Infinity Device", one of the most popular Eavesdropper's bugs

Features 2 modes: "Eavesdropping Transmitter Detection Mode" and "Infinity Test Mode" to locate bugs and hidden cameras

Detects Analog and Digital bugs for the ultimate in protection

Scans At The Highest Frequency Range Found Anywhere!


Operates on one 9-volt battery

No external antenna that can break or malfunction

LED lights and audio to alert you of hidden bugs

8GHz Detection Frequency to locate the newest eavesdropping devices


One Frequency scan finder Debugger

Earphone Jack


The Frequency scan Finder Can Detect and Locate All Hidden Bugs

Different bugs include audio surveillance, video surveillance, as well as a GPS location devices used to transmit and record incriminating evidence and personal information. These eavesdropping devices, or "bugs", are widely purchased and easy to install. With their covert designs and hidden models, you might never know if your house is being bugged. These bugs are covert, hidden, and strong, being able to pick up sounds in as much as a 400 foot range.

White Noise Generator Software

After many years of research, we have finally developed an effective "White Noise" Generator and burned the acoustic masking frequencies onto a standard CD.

By uniquely reproducing the masking frequencies on a CD, we have eliminated the relatively expensive electronic equipment presently required to produce the masking effect.

The electronic equipment normally required is offered on the Internet and elsewhere at prices ranging anywhere from 200 up to 1,700 and more, depending upon the manufacturer and the dealer profit margins. The development of our unique software CD has made it possible to completely eliminate all the previously required electronic reproduction equipment and has resulted in considerable savings in our cost to produce the audio masking effect.

And, as has always been our policy, we pass on as much as possible of the savings to our customers in the form of greatly reduced prices and Special Offers.

If you are new to, or unfamiliar with "white noise" and its use in defeating audio eavesdropping, a brief, non-technical explanation follows:

In normal conversation, sound waves carry the audio from the speaker to the listener. If these sound waves can be over-ridden with frequencies designed specifically to disrupt and "jumble" the normal audio frequencies, a deadening effect is created. This deadening effect known as "white noise" effectively hides the conversation from would be eavesdroppers.

The software produces the "white noise" and effectively defeats all types of Eavesdropping Devices utilizing any type of microphone for sound pick-up including tape recorders, hard-wired microphones, parabolic and shotgun mikes and even protects against "Micro-Wave" and "Laser" devices that carry audio to the Eavesdropper.

Prod. code: AA-00121

Keywords: Home Or Office, video

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