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By: Spectacle Parade Opticians  05/12/2011
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Eye Tests
You will firstly have a computerised pre-test to measure the curvature of your corneas, the distance between your pupils and an estimate of your prescription. Your Optometrist will then take you to a consulting room equipped with the latest in computerised eye exam equipment. Your eye exam should take 20-30 minutes. At the end of the exam your Optometrist will discuss your glasses prescription, eye health and all your options. Further tests such as colour vision, field screening, eye pressures or pupil dilation may be recommended.

We carry out eye exams
• Specially tailored for safety and protective eyewear
• Specially tailored for sports vision
• Specially tailored for VDU use

Contact  lens  fitting  and  check-ups  

You have a choice of all contact lens options, from the worlds leading manufacturers, at Spectacle Parade Opticians. We supply contact lenses from Ciba Vision, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision and many other established manufacturers. We fit daily disposables, fortnightly ( two-weekly) disposables, monthly disposables, astigmatism / toric contacts, varifocal ( invisible bifocals ) and coloured contacts. We also fit gas permeable contact lenses and a variety of options for those prone to dry eyes.

We carry out routine or emergency contact lens check-ups. If you have an emergency contact lens problem, or you are simply uncomfortable with your lenses, you do not need an appointment to be seen by our Optometrist for a contact lens check-up.

Designer eyeglass frames and lenses 

At Spectacle Parade Opticians we pride ourselves in our determination to find just the right eyewear for you. We carry a wide selection of glasses from top international design houses. All the latest looks in glasses can be compared! The staff in Spectacle Parade Opticians are always ready to help and advise but please also feel free to browse without any assistance. If you have any question just ask! 

We will also custom order your lenses, to ensure the best possible cosmetic and optical result. These pre-calibrated lenses are made specially for your glasses prescription and your chosen frame.


We will try to complete a repair in our practice using our well equipped repair station. Usually repairs are completed on the spot in a matter of minutes. If this is not possible we will send the work out to an Optical Laboratory with over 20 years experience. Usually we use repair Labs in Ireland but some work is sent overseas ( eg titanium repairs ).

25 - 50 % Off All Designer Frames

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You can have your lenses custom made for your chosen glasses frame - this will ensure the best possible appearance and optical performance.