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By: Speak For Success International  05/12/2011

The course content can be specialised to suit a specific target audience and designed to address the requirements and needs of that particular audience.

CEOs and Executives

Sean provides training for executives and CEOs who need to project confidence, credibility and professionalism when they speak at meetings, conferences to shareholders, investors and the media.


We provide training for salespeople to help them close sales and deliver a clear and consistent message to their prospects and clients.


We provide training for managers to help them improve their general communication skills during presentations and meetings and help them in effective communication, inspire and motivate people, and project confidence.

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Services | Sean Dwan

Public speaking and presentation skills courses open to everyone, be it beginners, business owners, accountants, solicitors, IT personnel and other professionals. The course is specifically designed to meet the goals as set by the clients, and focusses on improving effective business communication. Designed for CEOs, executives, managers and sales personnel, this training is usually carried out on-site.


Individual Consulting | Sean Dwan

Individual public speaking training will allow an in-depth, personalised program to be developed to best suit the innate strengths you have and focus further on the specific areas of improvement. Sean Dwan offers training on a one-to-one basis with people who want individual attention. Sean will adapt the SpeakersTrainingCamp® to suit your individual needs and requirements.


Public Speaking Courses | Sean Dwan

The same training which is provided to Fortune 500 companies, British Airways, Nike and more, will be presented to participants of this workshop. Find out more about the details of the public speaking courses by. Personal DVD for review and reminders. Contacting Sean on +353 860291809.


Events | Sean Dwan

The No. 1 “thing” the audience wants from a presenter.- The 3 techniques needed for every successful presentation- The 10 terrible turn-offs when presenting…… and much more. All participants will also receive a DVD of the video recording of their presentations along with constructive critique along with a 47-page workshop manual.