Advertising Services Southern Advertising Agency. Outdoor, Radio, Web, Online, TV Production , Cinema, Copywriting

By: Southern  05/12/2011
Keywords: direct mail, advertising services, tv production


We design and place outdoor advertisements for billboards or buses, benches or petrol pumps to a range of other tactical opportunities.


Whether targeting local or national markets, radio is a highly effective medium to reach a larger audience. Our experience in this area ensures that the advertising message is delivered clearly and engages listeners by ‘cutting through’ the clutter.


The Internet provides new opportunities, new challenges and new pitfalls for successful businesses. We have significant experience in devising online strategies to harness the marketing potential of this ever-changing medium.

tv production

Getting your message onto television is real challenge, but Southern have devised strategies to bring our clients’ advertising campaigns onto the small screen, without the big budgets normally associated with this highly effective medium.


If you hope that your target market will all gather in a large room and stare at your huge advertisement, then cinema may provide what you are looking for. Cinemas offer local smaller businesses the opportunity to “behave like bigger brands” and connect with audiences in a dramatic fashion.


With promotional material, the creative scripting of the message is as important as the message itself. We create copy for advertisements, websites, press releases, corporate brochures, direct mail and wherever else you require to communicate your message.

Keywords: advertising services, direct mail, tv production

Other products and services from Southern


Media Services Southern Advertising Agency. Media Planning, Media Buying

Your budget determines the scope and duration of communications and with research models providing us with the science to reach your audience, complemented by our own very unique instincts, we will be guided to deliver best results from a successful campaign. By determining the scope of each campaign, Southern can propose options, negotiate the best deals, and purchase advertising space relevant to your budget, in the appropriate media.


Print Management Services Southern Advertising Agency. Printers, Print Process

We talk technical, where it?s necessary, and then streamline the entire process to make it easier for you to get exactly what you want, when you want it, and at the best possible price. We have successful relationships with a tried and trusted panel of printers, and various specialised companies in the print industry. We specify, we negotiate?and we ensure that your print order is delivered, on time, as you want it.


Marketing Services Southern Advertising Agency. Event Management, Public Relations, PR, Project Management

Because of the sheer diversity of activities and services we offer as a creative communications company Southern effectively project manage a whole range of elements involving both outsourced and bought in specialist services; in addition to our own comprehensive list of client services to create a very unique marketing mix.


Design Services Southern Advertising Agency. Corporate Identity, Branding, Marketing Collareral, Display & Exhibition

We have countless events to our credit, from simple pull up display panels for showrooms to totally bespoke exhibition stands requiring serious construction technique, together with sophisticated lighting and electronics. Your corporate philosophy should penetrate every element of the marketing campaign, with the personality of your company being communicated by a fusion of image, communication and values.


Services Southern Advertising Agency. Advertising, Design, Marketing, Media, Specialised Services

Your budget determines the scope and duration of advertising campaigns and with research models providing us with the science to reach your audience, complemented by our own very unique instincts, we will be guided to deliver best results from a successful campaign. Since it is vital to the success of any business, a marketing plan is essential. Marketing is all about communication - between your company and customers.