User Desk | Web-Based Support

By: Sophis  05/12/2011

Sophis Userdesk is a web based helpdesk platform that provides Sophis users with a console to generate requests to Sophis consultants when they need support on Sophis software.
The support desk is a single point of contact for Sophis users who need help.
Sophis Userdesk guarantees a highly reactive response and follow-up on behalf to our clients

Immediate benefits of the Userdesk include:

  • A "real time" view of all pending activities (numbers, issuers, current status)
  • A view of the request’s progress that can be shared between the client and Misys Sophis, with a clear history of the messages posted in the system
  • A Guarantee that "behind the screen" there is somebody to handle and escalate your requests according to its priority
  • Capabilities to handle requests worldwide (EMEA, Asia, USA) as consultants have access from each Misys Sophis location
  • Report on demand or schedules for all client requests

Misys Sophis uses statistics from the Userdesk to improve its software and/or documentation in the areas that require the highest level of support.

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Misys Sophis has excellent project management skills and works alongside its clients to ensure implementation and upgrade projects are always delivered on schedule. As part of its commitment to excellent customer care, Misys Sophis has developed a broad range of services for clients. Access to market leading partners who can help with consulting. Access to complementary third party software and data providers.


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The Sophis Institute will enable better alignment of product functionality with client workflow, business processes and specific implementation needs, while also creating more opportunities for the resolution of client issues and concerns, notably regarding product development.


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The purpose of the Toolkit Forum is to create a community allowing its members to exchange information for the technical implementation of new product developments and customisations, as well as the resolution of client issues. As part of its commitment to world class customer service, Misys Sophis has created a knowledge center called the Toolkit Forum to facilitate contacts between toolkit developers involved in Misys Sophis developments.


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Comprising technical writers with a background in Computer Science, English, Journalism and Communications, the team is committed to the continued improvement of Misys Sophis documentation. The Misys Sophis documentation team, based in Dublin, develops the documentation for the entire Misys Sophis Product Suite. Sorts, filters and search engines to help you to retrieve documentation related to your product version, modules, servers,.


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Depending on the structure of a project, a team of highly skilled Misys Sophis consultants can either work side by side with external consulting companies or work directly with customers. Misys Sophis is fully compliant with the 4.2 FIX protocol to link to execution systems and uses XML/FPML for all financial products and asset classes to link with other systems.