hrus TKA

By: Sonas Technology  05/12/2011
Keywords: Chemical Reactions

The Titration Kinetic Analyser measures microstructural and molecular processes in liquids when concentration of selected compounds is changed (titration), or with time, when a chemical reaction is started by an injection of a required compound. This provides a valuable tool for product and process development as well as scientists in universities and research institutes working in the field of life science, biomedical and biopharmaceutical and other areas.

In addition the device can be used as a small volume high-resolution ultrasonic spectrometer, which can perform ultrasonic measurements in a broad temperature range. 

TKA requires only 0.04 ml of sample allows cost-effective analysis of expensive materials such as proteins, nucleic acids and antibodies. The Titration Kinetic Analyser does not require any optical markers or optical activity of analysed compounds and can analyse molecular binding and chemical reactions in optically non-transparent samples such as blood. In addition, the Analyser has the unique ability to follow simultaneously an analysed molecular process, and associated supramolecular transformations, such as aggregation, change in particle size and others.

Examples of application of TKA include measurement of binding constants, drug screening, enzymatic activity, kinetics of chemical reactions and others. The device is based on the patented principles of High-Resolution Ultrasonic Spectroscopy and consists of sampling and measuring modules.  It is PC controlled, robotic compatible, has flexible and user friendly software interface.

Technical parameters of the model

Two 0.03 ml cells for parallel or differential sample analysis

Stirring System

Frequency Range from 5 to 17 MHz

High-Resolution & Reproducibility (down to 0.2mm/s for Velocity and 0.3% for Attenuation)

Temperature Range -20ºC to 120ºC

Absolute Temperature Control down to 0.01ºC

Keywords: Chemical Reactions

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External Modules

A choice of external modules: the standard 1ml differential cells for liquids, 1 ml flow through cells for fast continuous measurements of samples in flow, differential 1.5 ml cells for semi-solids materials and custom made fill in or follow-through cells 0.03 to 4 ml sample volume range. The cells can be plugged to HR-US 102-P, HR-US 102 SS-P and HR-US 102 FT-P spectrometers.


hrus csa

The new HR-US Colloid Stability Analyzer is designed to enable the analysis of stability, shelf-life and effects of thermal treatment of emulsions, suspensions and other complex formulations in R&D, product development, and QA/QC environments of various industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care.


hrus htp

It is ideal for analysis of large quantities of samples, to study batch-to-batch variation, sample stability, composition, the presence of crystals or aggregates, particle size etc. It is ideal for measuring a wide variety of liquid systems, from dilute solutions to concentrated emulsions. The High Throughput Ultrasonic Spectrometer has the added capability of semi-automated sample introduction.