hrus csa

By: Sonas Technology  05/12/2011

The new HR-US Colloid Stability Analyzer is designed to enable the analysis of stability, shelf-life and effects of thermal treatment of emulsions, suspensions and other complex formulations in R&D, product development, and QA/QC environments of various industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care.

Technical parameters of the model

- Real-time detection of changes in the distribution of components in samples caused by the sedimentation or creaming with outstanding precision, allowing fast prediction of sample life-time
- Real-time analysis of aggregation and flocculation
- Real-time assessment of particle size evolution
- Excessive pressures capabilities, up to 10 bar
- Broad temperature range, -20°C to 120°C (standard) and -60°C to 140°C (extended)
- Precision temperature control, accurate to 0.02°C
- Analysis in flow and on-line capabilities
- Ease of measurement, no sample preparation
- Direct information on sample bulk properties
- Inverted Gravity Capability

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External Modules

A choice of external modules: the standard 1ml differential cells for liquids, 1 ml flow through cells for fast continuous measurements of samples in flow, differential 1.5 ml cells for semi-solids materials and custom made fill in or follow-through cells 0.03 to 4 ml sample volume range. The cells can be plugged to HR-US 102-P, HR-US 102 SS-P and HR-US 102 FT-P spectrometers.


hrus htp

It is ideal for analysis of large quantities of samples, to study batch-to-batch variation, sample stability, composition, the presence of crystals or aggregates, particle size etc. It is ideal for measuring a wide variety of liquid systems, from dilute solutions to concentrated emulsions. The High Throughput Ultrasonic Spectrometer has the added capability of semi-automated sample introduction.


hrus TKA

The Titration Kinetic Analyser measures microstructural and molecular processes in liquids when concentration of selected compounds is changed, or with time, when a chemical reaction is started by an injection of a required compound.