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By: Solicitors Cork  05/12/2011

Personal Injuries can arise in many different ways and can have various different psychological or physical effects. The general rule is that if you have suffered a personal injury as a result of another’s negligence you are entitled to compensation. The main areas which personal injuries arise are:

  • Road Traffic Accidents

  • Accidents at Work

  • Public Liability

  • Medical Negligence

Road Traffic Accidents

Although most accidents are relatively straightforward, they become more complicated where there is difficulty establishing liability and personal injuries are involved. The court may apportion liability between the parties where both are found to be in the wrong. Injured parties are allowed recover any out of pocket expenses such as medical expenses and loss of income.

Accidents at Work

All employers have a responsibility towards their employees to provide a safe place of work, a safe system of work, suitable co-employees and safe equipment. These responsibilities are not exhaustive and indeed the key question will revolve around whether or not the employer was negligent. If an employer appears to fail with regard to a responsibility and personal injury ensues, then the employee may take action.

Public Liability

Any premises which allows public access andwhere  injury occurs as a result of the premises not being properly maintained may be subject to a public liability claim. Even premises which do not allow public access may be liable if it is foreseeable that a trespasser may come onto the premises.

Medical Negligence

Health Boards, Hospitals and Doctors each have a responsibility to ensure that patients are treated properly and with care. A high standard of care is expected of doctors both in their general work and performing surgery. Likewise, hospitals are responsible for their staff and the condition of the hospital. Health Boards are responsible for ensuring high standards of health care as a whole.

The head of EC Murray and Co, Eamonn Murray, has extensive experience in each of the above areas; both from a legal and insurance perspective. Consequently, his knowledge and experience goes beyond that of your average lawyer. For the best advice, contact us to arrange a consultation.

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