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By: Solartek  05/12/2011
Keywords: solar panels, aluminium, solar energy

The selective surface (i.e. the absorber plate) of SOLARTEK solar collector is made of aluminium. The absorber plate body consists of monolithic aluminium profiles. The body profiles are fixed to diffuser and collecting pipe profiles by clamping under high pressure; no welding process is used. As a result, SOLARTEK is freed of all problems that may arise from welding seams. It is resistant against high temperature. By creating a turbulence formation within the fluid circulation, every molecule of the fluid is contacted with the surface and as a result, more efficient energy transfer is acquired. When the fluid is inactive, i.e. when there is no circulation, the surface temperature increases to 191 °C. The high pressure that is generated during this process is far from creating a problem for SOLARTEK.

By a special galvanic coating technique, within the range in which the sunlight beams can emit thermal energy that is between 0.2 µm and 2 µm wave length, a radiation absorption rate between 93 % and 97 % is ensured. The nickel pigmented aluminium oxide coating which is developed to protect its surface characteristics for years, is highly resistant against atmospheric conditions. The heating canals in the absorbent plate which consists of profiles that are developed by extrusion technique are monolith with the surface. As a result the energy gathered on the surface, is transferred to the fluid smoothly.Regular ferrous glass which has a solar energy conductivity value of 90.7 %, is used within the ULTRA model collectors. When the corrective factors related to glass and the beam absorption values of absorbent plate are taken in to consideration, the optical efficiency value of ULTRA model collector changes between 79.8 % and 83.2 %.

Keywords: aluminium, Solar Collector, solar energy, Solar Heating, Solar Panel, solar panels