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By: Solaris Mobile  05/12/2011

The new free-to-air distribution service platform provides listeners across the EU with a bouquet of radio channels, both public and private, covering the majority of European languages.

The bouquet encompasses genres and applications attractive to a wide variety of radio listeners
• Popular/ classical/ alternative music
• general entertainment
• news
• rich media such as video-on-demand
• interactive entertainment capabilities

The demonstration platform also has the capacity to provide enriched infotainment with new in-car data services and can run as a complementary service to traditional national FM, DAB or S-Band services+.

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05/12/2011 - technology

Solaris Mobile has been awarded the rights to 15MHz+15MHz of paired spectrum in all 27 EU Member States providing a rare opportunity to coordinate services across all of Europe in the same unencumbered spectrum range. This spectrum is exclusively reserved for Mobile Satellite Services and may be used in a hybrid network arrangement, combining satellite and terrestrial transmission systems.

05/12/2011 - satellite

Each beam, operating on its own is capable of providing 5MHz of bandwidth capacity, complementing additional bandwidth on the ground and each beam operates in opposite circular polarisation. In its current configuration it delivers coverage across much of the EU landmass from two operational beams. The satellite has a lifetime of 15 years and is located at 10°E in geostationary orbit.

05/12/2011 - applications

In the same way that there has been a transition from analogue TV to digital TV and for similar reasons and benefits, Europe is preparing for digital radio and the automotive industry is keen to embed new digital radio systems into their car designs.