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By: Soft Audio  05/12/2011

Product pricing and upgrade policy

We operate a lifetime upgrade policy on all our software products in order to demonstrate our appreciation for our customers' support. However, each time we release a new version of a product, we will slightly increase the new purchase price of that product. This is designed to encourage potential customers to invest in our software early to ensure ongoing development and commitment. We welcome our customers' feedback on our products and are always open to new feature suggestions.

By default we ship all our products unsupported (other than bug reports) for those customers that are comfortable in managing without it and do not wish to subsidise those that do. Support options (which can be purchased at any time with no penalty) are available as separately priced items.

Other products and services from Soft Audio


Soft Audio - live

Aimed at acoustic acts who want a true-to-life recording of their recitals, we come to your performance or rehearsal space, place a stereo pair of high quality microphones and make a series of recordings. For the ultimate in polished product, we recommend that you consider mastering your cd with a reputable mastering engineer, who specialises in preparing materials for commercial release.


Soft Audio - services

Multitrack Studio Recording We operate a professional recording studio, equipped with quality recording tools and separate recording, control and machine rooms. Live Stereo Recording Professional stereo recordings of live acoustic performances using a carefully selected 'road kit' of our top of the range quality gear.


Soft Audio

Adding this with automated failover/recovery, load balancing and keepalive intelligence amongst multiple web servers, WebEQ delivers superior performance and availability of mission critical web services. The result of this technique is that the web server opens and closes connections far less often, and when the site starts to become loaded will result in a significant overall throughput increase.


Soft Audio - multi

We can also arrange for mastering and pressing of commercial products, perform internet file conversions and analogue/digital transfers between different media or audio products. We have a good range of outboard processors and quality microphones and preamps for achieving a high quality of recording suitable for commercial release.


Soft Audio - sid

When you're building or expanding a studio, detailed design of your infrastructure will ensure that at the end of the project, the studio is ergonomic, flexible, sonically true and comprehensively documented. From streamlining and debugging computer configurations to a thorough analysis and service of your complete system, Soft Audio can help you achieve a high level of productivity.


Soft Audio - radium

Other uses of the vendor code include turning on/off different modules within your application or licensing your software based on number of CPUs in the customers' machines. You can lock applications and issue licenses for any of the supported platforms from the one computer, as the radium locking tool and issuer are also cross platform.