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By: Aqua Precision  05/12/2011
Keywords: drinking water, water filtration, Ceramic Membrane

Aqua-Nu is currently developing the first generation of its Personal Water Filtration device, the Project X Bottle. The device uses Aqua-Nu’s internationally patented Unassisted Ultra High Flow Rate CeramicMembrane incorporated in our PURITYCAPSULE filtering up to 1.2 Litres of water per minute under 100 millibars of pressure and using a Ceramic Disc 50mm in diameter.

We will launch the Aqua-Nu water filtration bottle at Aquatech in November 2011.

The Aqua-Nu ceramic membrane has been scientifically tested and independently certified to remove Cryptosporidium 99.9999%, Giardia 99.9999%, E.coli 99.99%, Legionella 99.99%, and many more harmful microbes, the full list is available from our Technology webpages
The Project X Bottle system incorporates Aqua-Nu’s own replaceable combined filter capsule and drinking spout design and removes VOC’s, THM’s,  BPA, HORMONES, PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, CHLORINE, FLOURINE, BENZINE as well as many more dangerous organic materials found in drinking water today.

The Project X Bottle was designed by Aqua-Nu in response to worldwide growing demand for contemporary designed, eco-conscious, affordable and durable personal water filtration devices dually suited to cross-over usage between urban and outdoor lifestyles.

Project X Bottle is the first commercially available product to provide a continuous safe, clean supply of drinking water for personal use without any compromise in usage experience for consumers acquainted to the repeated purchasing of disposable plastic water bottles.


Wholesalers and Retailers Required: If you are a wholesaler or retailer and you are intereseted in stocking Aqua-Nu’s Water Filter Bottle Range please contact us with your business enquiry.

Keywords: Ceramic Membrane, drinking water, water filtration

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Aqua-Nu » Partners

A summary for potential investors interested in discussing the potential of Aqua-Nu A billion dollar market opportunity Revolutionary game changing filtration technology Strong, extensive Intellectual Property Ceramic Patent Granted in 9 countries including Russia – allowed in 32 countries pending in 26 further countries.


Aqua-Nu » Products

The cartridge can be produced to retrofit any bottle company’s existing range of water bottle products, offering a valuable differntiator in the filtered water bottle market and the potential for a recurring income stream for replacement cartridges.Key advantages of the PURITYCAPSULE for the consumer include.


Aqua-Nu » Industry Applications with Global Potential

The Aqua-Nu ceramic membrane is designed for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer Applications with far-reaching commercial and humanitarian value and performance in both the home and the local community of the developed and developing worlds.


Aqua-Nu » Aqua-Nu Product Differentiation

Aqua-Nu’s revolutionary and patented unassisted Ultra High Flow Rate ceramic technology responds to the future needs of the consumer, industry and humanitarian or third world crisis because it offers. Adjustable flow rate2) Low, ultra-competitive cost3) Quality of filtration4) Environmental compatibility *5) Flexibility and convenience.


Aqua-Nu » Technology

This ULTRA HIGH FLOW RATE ceramic is the result of 6 years intensive development, carried out predominantly in-house with input from internationally recognised experts in ceramics. Aqua-Nu has developed a patented unique filtration technology using non-chemical based ‘ultra high flow rate’ ceramic and advanced anti-microbial treatment systems.