Reiki, Seichem, Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing, Animal Healing, Spirit Clearance, Dowsing

Reiki, Seichem, Angel Card Readings, Angel Healing, Animal Healing, Spirit Clearance, Dowsing from Angels Of Healing

By: Angels Of Healing  05/03/2011
Keywords: Healing, reiki, Reiki master

Reiki healing uses the gentle but powerful earth energies whereas Seichem incorporates the universal, spiritual and Angel healing energies and rays which greatly enhances healing. Reiki and Seichem re-balance mind, body and spirit working on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Both Reiki and Seichem are non-intrusive. The client remains fully clothed. A healing session with Reiki and Seichem combined is a truly heavenly experience as the Angels and Spirit are present during healing.
Angel Card Readings are conducted one-to-one using Archangel Oracle Cards, psychic messaging and pendulum. To have an Angel card reading is a positive way of bringing the Angels into your life. All answers and guidance are positive and cover all areas of life. With an Angel card reading specific questions are also answered. Angel card readings can also be arranged for private and group bookings.
All animals respond positively to the healing energies. Healing of small animals can be conducted at my home. I am willing to travel for healing of larger animals. All living things can receive healing and animal healing is just the same as for humans.
Spirit clearances are completely safe. These are conducted on individuals, buildings or land. Spirit attachments can cause physical ailments and once a clearance is done there is instant relief. Often homes or businesses need spirit clearances whether there is activity or just negative energy feeling.
Dowsing on land or sites for a home or business is useful before agreeing to rent or buy as there may need to be a spirit clearance conducted. Also dowsing for water, ley-lines etc. is very beneficial and can save financially. Ley-lines can cause structural damage and spirits often congregate here also so dowsing is very beneficial. If there are unusual occurances in a home or business dowsing will usually uncover the problem.

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