By: Lc Seating  05/12/2011
Keywords: Manual Wheelchair


Simply insert and lock the electric power add-on drive z50 – and right away, you are able to drive longer distances with your manual wheelchair without problems once again and also handle slopes comfortably. You no longer have to travel the entire distance under your own power; you can turn on the electric motor as required. Be it daily errands or longer trips – the power add-on drive z50 expands your activity radius and gives you new freedom.

With the practical hinge lock, the auxiliary drive can be attached to your wheelchair quickly and easily. You can turn the z50 on and off easily by pushing a button and unlocking the brake – depending on whether you want to move and control your wheelchair manually or using electrical power. The operator panel is clearly laid out and easy to use.

 The advantages of the z50 are especially noticeable during daily use. It is also suitable for stair climbers. With the optional swinging anti-tipper, you can drive over curbs softly and safely without any fear of tipping over. The powerful motors of the z50 ensure that you can master slopes quickly and easily.

The z50 has a maximum speed of six km/h and a range of approximately twelve kilometres. The allowable load is 125 kilograms.

The z50 is not only suitable for converting most of our manual wheelchairs, but also for many other makes. Your rehab technician will advise you regarding the various options.

Keywords: Manual Wheelchair

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Safety is not disregarded: Your wheelchair does not travel faster than seven km/h with the E-Support and automatically brakes on downhill grades. With an additional therapeutic effect: You can once again cover longer distances and move your arms over longer time periods in the process. It supports you optimally in your independent mobility in the manual wheelchair and increases your activity radius.



The B500's optimal driving security and individual adaptation possibilities allow you to move freely wherever you like it and to enjoy your activities to the full. The two standard seats allow for adaptation of the seat width, seat depth, seat inclination, back angle, position of the arm pads and leg rests to the individual.



While your child can perceive its environment well in the upright seating position and therefore take part in the activities, the reclining rest position is especially suitable for relaxation after the day's adventures. Your child can use it to explore every corner without problems – even in small rooms – and is more mobile and independent.


Ottobock A200

With the narrow and very manoeuvrable power wheelchair, you can get into all corners and navigate around furniture without any problems in your house or apartment, at your friends, or at your workplace. Puncture-proof tires, contour seat, foot rests that can be mechanically raised, or an installation kit for head rests - you can equip the A200 entirely according to your wishes.



The front wheel drive enables the B500-S to master obstacles with ease, while giving the wheelchair its safe and dynamic driving style. Other proven components, such as the VSI control and drive, provide for further reliability and quality. A mechanical stabilizer helps the wheelchair stay on track, even when driving sharp bends.



With this manoeuvrable power wheelchair, you can complete your day-to-day tasks at home or at the office without problems; you are also perfectly equipped for longer outdoor trips. If you want to change your seating position during the day, the back rest angle and height of the arm rests can be changed in a few easy steps.


C1000 DS

Thanks to the "Direct Servo" steering, the C1000 DS can turn on the spot and also hold a track during longer straight driving on uneven surfaces. Whether on streets, gravel paths, or in cramped apartments – the C1000-DS makes it possible to move safely on all terrains. Due to its low seat height the C1000 DS can easily be driven under tables and workstations. C1000 DS "Direct Servo“is pure manoeuvrability.