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By: Locus  05/12/2011
Keywords: online news, Geographic Information

Geographic information Systems (GIS) | Spatial Data Analysis | Geographic Dashboards | Geovisualisation | Interactive Map-Based Reports | Thematic Maps

Spatial Data Analysis

  • Reveal trends hidden in spreadsheets and charts
  • Provide new understanding of customers and markets
  • Perform powerful data analysis and calculations
  • Produce custom maps to enable visual communication of information

Locus Insight maintains an extensive library of open source and public domain topographic and administrative boundary data which can be reproduced royalty free. These include:

Locus Insight can also work with licensed map products subject to appropriate licensing agreements being in place. We also have the technical resources to capture GPS data and convert to GIS format enabling bespoke map production based on your unique data.

Thematic Mapping

A thematic map is a simple map made to reflect a particular theme about a geographic area.

Thematic maps facilitate the interpretation of complex spatial data, transforming mind boggling spreadsheets into clear graphics - revealing distribution patterns and highlighting areas of concern.

While general reference maps show where something is in space, thematic maps tell a story about that place. They can be effective in communicating and improving understanding of the economic, social or environmental aspects of an area that are important to you. They are very powerful tools in evidence-based planning and decision making.

Interactive Data Mapping

Locus Insight design and build interactive geographic dashboards. Our aim in this process is to achieve clarity and accuracy while making our products data-rich and intuitive for the user. Our attention to best practice in design and build ensures an engaging and informative experience for the user.

Our wide expertise enables us to deliver interactive reports covering economic, social and environmental topics.

Our interactive products are designed for use by online news media, educators and organisations with large amounts of complex spatial data and a need to frequently reference key indicators.

Keywords: Geographic Information, online news