By: Sleepdoc  05/12/2011

The equipment is returned to our office on the next business day. The data is downloaded and then analysed by a physiologist, and the study report forwarded to a Consultant Respiratory Physician for clinical review. If OSAS is confirmed, a consultation with the Consultant Physician will be arranged. The patients G.P. will be kept informed of the study outcome and proposed treatment plan.

If CPAP treatment is prescribed, this will be organised and supplied to the patients home. Patients will be followed up clinically to optimise treatment outcomes, and again the patients GP will be advised of any problems, difficulty, changes of treatment etc. Technical queries may be sent to SleepDoc of, if preferred, directly to the supplier of the CPAP equipment.

This long-term follow up is crucial to the success of CPAP treatment, as the success or failure depends on the continuing use of the device by the patient. Published longterm compliance rates vary - it is our intention to achieve the highest compliance rates possible through the provision of long-term patient support.