By: Sirran  05/12/2011
Keywords: Network Deployment, Network Switching

SiRRAN Communications Ltd provides world leading 2G, 2.5G, 2.75G, 3G & 3.5G mobile solutions which range from tactical network deployment to advanced global network switching infrastructure, these solutions seamlessly link the full range of our solutions in a highly secure and resilient environment.

Traditional 3G core network infrastructure has been physically large, expensive and heavily engineered. This has made it difficult to justify where either tactical units or low entry cost standalone 3G capability is demanded.

The SiRRAN all-IP 3G technology integrates the essential elements of 3G core network infrastructure, eg RNC, MSC & HLR/AuC, and provides fully functional CS and PS/HSPDA services on a simple, easily deployable single system platform with SIP interconnect.

The SiRRAN GSMnet product range allows its Customers to leverage the availability of femtocell technology and extend 3G coverage to otherwise isolated areas, allows military and emergency aid agencies to rapidly deploy a cellular network.

SiRRAN has a commercially available 3G products, this groundbreaking core network infrastructure solution offers the significant benefits of 3G cellular voice and data coverage but engineered to run in the smallest footprint and most cost-effective package ever seen for 3G CN infrastructure

GSMnet (3G) brings together the standard 3GPP architectural elements of RNC, MSC and HLR/AuC into a single processing platform, suitable for standalone femtocell market trials, small government or commercial 3G deployments and rural networks. CS voice calls are supported between handsets and over SIP to a separate SIP server if required, and PS/HSDPA data services are supported to the local LAN.

GSMnet (3G) software is available on a range of hardware platforms, from an embedded to higher capacity rack servers. A functional CS and PS UMTS core network can be operated without the need for any other expensive and physically large 3rd party hardware or software

  • Integrated UMTS CN elements
  • RNC, MSC, HLR/AuC, femto gateway and SGSN/GGSN
  • Supported radio heads (Node-Bs)
  • Multiple Ip.access Oyster 3G femtocells, Bands 1, 2 and 5. Further devices to be announced.
  • CS services
  • Voice calls handset to handset, and between handsets and SIP.
  • PS & HSDPA services
  • Integral SGSN/GGSN drops user data to local LAN.
  • SIP support
  • UAC behaviour, with voice calls in/out, REGISTER upon handset attach, and G.711 codec
  • Authentication and ciphering
  • UMTS and GSM authentication challenge modes. Standard 3G AUTN, CK, IK and AUTS support.
  • Hardware platforms
  • Small i86 ITX or ARM9 boards to rack-mount HP ProLiant servers, depending on capacity requirements. Software also available as a Virtual Machine (VM) instance, or for customer installation on own hardware.
  • Management and provisioning (OAM)
  • Command line base tools

Keywords: Network Deployment, Network Switching

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SiRRAN Professional Services consultants are experienced in assessing, designing and implementing mobile information management and tactical communications solutions for critical incident responders and war fighters. Our experts offer professional services for broadband wireless deployment, tactical command and control communications, tactical power, first responder software solutions and satellite communications.


GSMnet Core

The mobile handset has become the device of choice and provides a highly portable and cost effective solution to the communication requirements of Military Personnel and Government Agencies alike. As determined by the individual handset registration policy of the Customer non SiRRAN SIMs can be registered to both an individual GSMnet and also the SiRRAN core.



Designed for rapid scalability, SiRRAN’s solutions may be configured to meet the unique requirements or any customer, whether the end-goal is fixed-mobile convergence, GSM network in-fill, maritime coverage or the deployment of a secure communications network in a remote location.



GSMnet accomplishes this by leveraging SiRRAN’s software Mobile Switching Centre, an integrated Base Transceiver Station, and an embedded Base Station Controller. GSMnet™ is a unique communication solution that provides the ability to create a self-contained, privately managed mobile network based on GSM cellular standards.



Cable taps on undersea and land fibre trunks provide interception points for entire countries and continents, also Satellite interception, both strategic and tactical is also popular and used by different types of adversaries depending on target vicinity and mission objectives.


Tactical Power

Although designed specifically for simultaneously charging and running off of BB-2590/U batteries, the BatBox supports power distribution from multiple BB battery chemistries including BB-2590/U, BB-5590, BA-5390/U, BB-390. With multiple Regulated DC output voltages such as Power Over Ethernet , 9V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48V the BatBox has the ability to simultaneously support virtually any deployed operations power requirements.